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Magnetism: Principles and Applications



Magnetism: Principles and Applications

Derek J. Craik

ISBN: 978-0-471-95417-0 April 1995 468 Pages


If you are studying physics, chemistry, materials science,electrical engineering, information technology or medicine, thenyou'll know that understanding magnetism is fundamental to successin your studies and here is the key to unlocking the mysteries ofmagnetism....... You can:
* obtain a simple overview of magnetism, including the roles of Band H, resonances and special techniques
* take full advantage of modern magnets with a wealth ofexpressions for fields and forces
* develop realistic general design programmes using isoparametricfinite elements
* study the subtleties of the general theory of magnetic momentsand their dynamics
* follow the development of outstanding materials
* appreciate how magnetism encompasses topics as diverse as rockmagnetism, chemical reaction rates, biological compasses, medicaltherapies, superconductivity and levitation
* understand the basis and remarkable achievements of magneticresonance imaging
In his new book, Magnetism, Derek Craik throws light on theprinciples and applications of this fascinating subject. Fromformulae for calculating fields to quantum theory, the secrets ofmagnetism are exposed, ensuring that whether you are a chemist orengineer, physicist, medic or materials scientist Magnetism is thebook for our course.
General Survey.

Quantum Theory and Magnetism.

Spin and Magnetization, Statics and Dynamics.

Magnetostatics, Magnetic Domains and Magnetic Design.

Survey of Magnetic Materials.

Special Topics.