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Major Incident Medical Management and Support: The Practical Approach at the Scene, 3rd Edition



Major Incident Medical Management and Support: The Practical Approach at the Scene, 3rd Edition

Advanced Life Support Group (ALSG)

ISBN: 978-1-444-39821-2 November 2011 BMJ Books 272 Pages


Major Incident Medical Management and Support (MIMMS) is the coursebook for the Advanced Life Support Group’s internationally taught training for health care professionals responding to major incidents. The practical approach employed in MIMMS has proved an invaluable aid to both civilian and military doctors, nurses and paramedics working in disaster management worldwide.

The third edition has been fully revised to make MIMMS appropriate for the 21st century, with greater emphasis on human factors, a more structured approach to medical management, and new chapters on:

  • Hazardous materials
  • Incidents involving large numbers of children
  • Management of a major incident with multiple burn casualties
  • Mass gatherings
  • Natural disasters 

There are also revised appendices covering responsibility for the dead, radio use, and voice procedures, and what to do beyond the immediate situation.

Covering all eventualities in medical management during major incidents, MIMMS provides a comprehensive and practical guide for all who are involved in this aspect of emergency medicine.

Preface to the third edition, vii

Preface to the first edition, viii

Acknowledgements, ix

International reference group and UK working group, x

Contributors, xi

Contact details and website information, xiii

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1 Introduction, 3

Chapter 2 The structured approach to major incidents, 9

Part II: Organisation

Chapter 3 Health Service structure and roles, 17

Chapter 4 Emergency service organisation and roles, 31

Chapter 5 Support service organisation and roles, 36

Part III: Preparation

Chapter 6 Planning, 41

Chapter 7 Personal equipment, 45

Chapter 8 Medical equipment, 50

Chapter 9 Training, 58

Part IV: Management

Chapter 10 Command and control, 63

Chapter 11 Health Service scene layout, 70

Chapter 12 Safety at the scene, 74

Chapter 13 Communications, 78

Chapter 14 Assessment, 84

Part V: Medical support

Chapter 15 Triage, 91

Chapter 16 Treatment, 103

Chapter 17 Transport, 108

Part VI: Special incidents

Chapter 18 Hazardous materials and CBRN incidents, 115

Chapter 19 Incidents involving large numbers of children, 121

Chapter 20 Incidents involving casualties with multiple burns, 126

Chapter 21 Mass gatherings, 128

Chapter 22 Natural disasters, 131

Chapter 23 Uncompensated major incidents, 135

Part VII: Appendices

Appendix A Psychological aspects of major incidents, 143

Appendix B The media, 145

Appendix C Logs, 148

Appendix D Responsibility for the dead, 151

Appendix E Radio use and voice procedures, 154

Appendix F The hospital response, 163

Appendix G Human factors, 169

Index, 173