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Make Money with Fixer-Uppers and Renovations

Make Money with Fixer-Uppers and Renovations

Gary W. Eldred

ISBN: 978-0-471-48116-4

Apr 2004

288 pages

Select type: E-Book



In the Make Money series, renowned real estate investor and bestselling author Gary W. Eldred shows you how to profit from the safest, most reliable wealth builder in the world-real estate. With coverage of all the fundamentals-from finding the right properties to financing and managing them-Eldred shows you the ropes so you don't have to learn important lessons the hard way. Unlike general guides to investing in real estate, each title in the Make Money series gives you the specialized expertise necessary to fully profit from a select investment strategy.

Make Money with Fixer-Uppers and Renovations shows homebuyers and investors how to build a fortune by purchasing properties at bargain prices, using creative improvements to add thousands to their value, and selling or renting them for high profits. There's almost no limit to the number of ways you can increase the value of a property-from quick and low-cost improvements like a fresh coat of paint to more extensive renovations such as multi-unit conversions or kitchen remodeling. This step-by-step guide includes the knowledge you need to combine entrepreneurial thinking with proven market analysis techniques. You'll learn to choose properties, plan improvements, and buy low and sell high. Make Money with Fixer-Uppers and Renovations will show you how to:
* Fix and flip properties for quick profits
* Buy properties with little or no money down
* Maximize your property's market value
* Exploit regulatory loopholes
* Create pizzazz for your interiors
* Add living space to your property
* Revitalize neighborhoods to increase property values
* Market your properties for top dollar
* Save thousands with owner-occupant financing
1. Your Quick Path to Profits: The Entrepreneurial Approach.

2. Market Value versus Market Strategy.

3. Your Formula for Profits.

4. Make Regulations Work for You.

5. Discover Your Possibilities.

6. Enhance the Interior.

7. Add More Living Space.

8. Revitalize the Neighborhood.

9. Market Your Property for Top Dollar.

10. Buying Your Property.

11. Easy Money for Owned-Occupants.

12. Money for Everyone.