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Making It: Women Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets of Success

Making It: Women Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets of Success

Lou Gimson, Allison Mitchell

ISBN: 978-1-907-29345-0

Aug 2009, Capstone

214 pages



Many women have great dreams about owning their own business, yet sadly, it often remains just a dream. The reason? All too often it's simply lack of confidence and self belief that lets them down and a feeling of being too far removed from the famous women entrepreneurs of today and unable to compete on that level. In truth though, there are thousands of women out there who are just like them, but who do own a business and are living their dreams on a scale they choose, successfully mixing home lives with a business and feeling fulfilled.

Making It is a compilation of inspirational women's start-up stories that lets you share their accounts of how the businesses came to 'be' as well as the highs and lows that came along the way. Packed full of hints and tips from the real life experts, this book is guaranteed to inspire anyone towards achieving their goal, and with the powerful NLP exercises included you'll be able locate your strengths and weaknesses and build up exactly the right attitude for success.
Acknowledgements and Permissions list.

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1 Accentuate the positive (Steph Cutler, Open Eyed).

2 Total belief (Josephine LaVey, LaVey Corsetry & Clothing).

3 Trust (Sarah Pharo, Pharo Communications).

4 Innovative (Dawn Gibbins, Flowcrete Group plc).

5 To aim high (Perween Warsi, S & A Foods).

6 Unstoppable (Deirdre Bounds, i-to-i).

7 Determined (Fiona Oxley and Karen Wilbourn, Lello)/

8 Enthusiasm (Lynne Franks, SEED Women’s Enterprise Programme).


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