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Making Money From CFD Trading: How I Turned $13K Into $30K in 3 Months

Making Money From CFD Trading: How I Turned $13K Into $30K in 3 Months

Catherine Davey

ISBN: 978-1-118-30391-7 December 2011 Wrightbooks 184 Pages




Contracts for difference or 'CFDs' have taken Australian traders by storm. Catherine Davey's first book on the subject, Contracts for Difference: Master the Trading Revolution, was a great success; in this follow-up, she shares her real-life CFD trading experiences over a three-month period in 2005. During this time, she manages to turn $13000 into $30000, but her path to success is anything but straight and simple.

Making Money from CFD Trading describes not only the reasoning behind and execution of her trading strategies, but also presents an honest, inspiring and often humorous discussion of her emotional journey as a trader. Catherine gives a fascinating insight into the trading experience: struggling to maintain the right psychology, avoiding irrational 'ego trades' and finding emotional balance between depressing losses and big wins. She presents a range of opinions from industry experts and commentators, discussing day-to-day trading issues and sharing controversial market views. This book will give you an understanding of:

  • simple charting techniques that make money
  • the unique aspects of trading CFDs
  • how to exploit the advantages CFD trading has over traditional share trading
  • strategies for establishing and maintaining a winning mental approach.

This entertaining and hugely informative book is a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about CFDs and for traders of any financial instrument who want to take their performance to the next level.

Foreword vii

Preface xi

Introduction xiii

Getting started 1

Week 1: The first cut 17

Week 2: Lunch is for wimps 35

Week 3: Into the abyss 51

Week 4: Wealth god smiles 65

Week 5: Avoiding Waterworld 77

Week 6: Addicted to trading 91

Week 7: My $10 000 week 101

Week 8: Subliminal messages 115

Week 9: Trading sucks sometimes 129

Week 10: Denial and regret 143

Week 11: Dogs with nine lives 155

Week 12: Golden sheaf 167

Week 13: Blonde psycho 177

Week 14: Out with a bang 193

Postscript 203

Hindsight 205

Index 215