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Making Use of Ruby

Making Use of Ruby

Suresh Mahadevan

ISBN: 978-0-471-21972-9

Jul 2002

240 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Ruby is an interpreted language, capable of saving programmers considerable time during program development since no compilation and linking are necessary. It is ideal for writing text-processing applications, server-side scripts, application prototypes, mathematics, and for many everyday programming tasks.
* Reviews Ruby's clever syntax and demonstrates why that makes it a perfect choice for beginning programmers, and also shows how its multipurpose capabilities make it a sound choice for experienced developers
* Explores Ruby's uses for prototyping, text processing, and other tasks


Chapter 1. An Introduction to Ruby.

Chapter 2. Ruby -
A Pure Object-Oriented Language.

Chapter 3. Programming Basics.

Chapter 4. Control Structures, Blocks and Expressions.

Chapter 5. Method and Modules.

Chapter 6. Input and Output.

Chapter 7. Exceptions.

Chapter 8. Multithreading.

Chapter 9. CGI Programming.

Chapter 10. GUI Programming with Tk.

Chapter 11. Running Ruby on Windows.

Chapter 12. Networking.

Appendix A. Ruby Extensions.

Appendix B. Safety Issues.


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