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Management: Total Quality in a Global Environment

Management: Total Quality in a Global Environment

Michael J. Stahl

ISBN: 978-1-557-86643-1

Jul 1995

280 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This introductory text for management students is exceptional in that it integrates quality as a theme throughout. Features include: * 18 chapters, making this text manageable for a one-semester course * Examples from over 125 international companies * Icons in the margins distinguishing US-based and none US-based company examples * Cases with TQM applications integrated throughout each chapter * A quality, international, ethics, and diversity exhibit in each chapter * Experiential learning excercises in each chapter * Critical thinking questions at the end of each major section within each chapter * Chapter summaries
Part I: Management Today:.

1. Managers and Organizations Today.

2. The Evolution Toward Total Quality Management.

3. International Competition and Management.

4. Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Part II: Planning and Strategic Management for Customer Value:.

5. Decision Making, Problem Solving and Continuous Improvement.

6. Corporate and Competitive Strategy.

7. Customer Value Strategy.

Part III: Organizing for Total Quality:.

8. Organizational Structure and Design.

9. Managing Human Resource Systems.

10. Organizational Culture and Change.

Part IV: Behavioral Processes:.

11. Leadership.

12. Motivation.

13. Communication.

14. Teams and Groups.

Part V: Control and Systems Improvement:.

15. Statistical and Other Quality Tools for Systems Improvement.

16. Management Information Systems.

17. Managing Technology and Technological Change.

18. Operations Management for Control and Improvement.

"I would adopt the text because it does a much better job of marrying the principles of management with the issue of total quality control than any text I have found. Stahl does an excellent job in both style and coverage." Fred T. Whitman, Mary Washington College
  • Integrates the TQM theme throughout, whilst maintaining its integrity as a principles of management textbook
  • International management, ethics & diversity issues are included in each chapter, both crucial to a management textbook
  • 2-colour format allows for a more competitive price
  • Excellent use of examples throughout - uses examples from over 125 international companies
  • Covers the same material as competitors in only 18 chapters which makes it accessible to both lecturers and students.