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Management Accounting in Health Care Organizations



Management Accounting in Health Care Organizations

David W. Young

ISBN: 978-0-787-97293-6 January 2004 Jossey-Bass 512 Pages


Management Accounting in Health Care Organizations offers an introduction to the subject of management accounting and provides a user-oriented approach to the concepts and techniques students need in order to understand management accounting in a health care context. This volume includes the information needed to master the basics of full-cost accounting, differential cost accounting, and responsibility accounting. It describes the uses and limitations of management accounting and the common accounting pitfalls managers face when making routine health care management decisions. This important text is formatted to provide an interactive learning approach. Students prepare answers to problems as they appear throughout each chapter and analyze one or more practice cases at the end of the chapter. Each chapter's practice case is followed by several cases that can be assigned for analysis and discussion in the classroom setting.
Chapter 1 Essentials Of Cost Accounting

Use Of Cost Information

Issues To Consider In Calculating Costs

Resource Usage: A Conceptual Framework

The Cost Accounting Methodology

Effect Of The Cost Accounting Methodology On Pricing Decisions

Full Cost Accounting And Third-Party Reimbursement

Summary Of Cost Accounting Choices

Appendix. The Reciprocal Method Of Cost Allocation

Practice Case: Mossy Bog Laboratories

Chapter 2 Differential Cost Accounting

The Nature Of Costs

The Differential Cost Concept

The Concept Of Contribution

Sunk Costs

Non-Quantitative Considerations

The Role Of Allocated Overhead

Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Special Considerations In Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis

Practice Case: Narcolarm, Inc.

Chapter 3. Absorption Costing

Health Care's Second Stage Dilemma

A Functional Classification Of Manufacturing Costs

Computing Cost Of Goods Sold

The Overhead Rate

Overhead Variances

Managerial Uses Of Overhead Variances

Practice Case: Crimson Chair Company.

Chapter 4. Activity-Based Costing And Variable Costing

Activity-Based Costing

Cost Drivers In Other Health Care Settings

Absorption Costing Vs. Variable Costing

Practice Case Lincoln Dietary Department

Chapter 5. Responsibility Accounting: An Overview

Cost Accounting And Responsibility Accounting

Responsibility Accounting Systems Defined

The Responsibility Accounting Structure

The Management Control Process

Summary: Making Profit Centers Work

Practice Case: Valley Hospital

Chapter 6. Programming And Budgeting

Capital Budgeting

Operational Budgeting

Budgeting Misfits

Toward More Effective Budgeting

Appendix. The Concept Of Present Value

Practice Case A: Erie Hospital

Practice Case B: Los Reyes Hospital (A)

Chapter 7. Measuring And Reporting

The Measurement Phase

Measuring And Reporting Techniques

The Reporting Process

Measuring And Reporting Non-Financial Information

Criteria For A Good Responsibility Accounting System

Appendix. Developing A Spidergram

Practice Case: Oak Street Nursing Home

Chapter 8. Implementing A New Responsibility Accounting System

Key Characteristics Of A Good Responsibility Accounting System

The Responsibility Accounting Context

Managing The Change Effort

Case 8-1 The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Case 8-2 Southern State University Health System

Case 8-3 Hillside Hospital

Case 8-4 Fletcher Allen Health Care

Appendix: Solutions To Practice Cases

Glossary Of Selected Terms And Concepts Used In This Book