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Management and Cost Accounting: An Introduction

Management and Cost Accounting: An Introduction

Andrew Wilkinson

ISBN: 978-1-118-90190-8

Aug 2017

500 pages

Select type: Paperback

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01        Management and financial accounting, cost behaviour

02        Inventory

03        Labour

04        Overheads

05        Pricing

06        Marginal costing and absorption costing

07        Batch, job, contract and service costing

08        Process costing 1

09        Process costing 2

10        Budgeting 1

11        Budgeting 2

12        Activity based costing

13        Standard costing and variance analysis1 – direct materials and labour

14        Standard costing and variance analysis 2 – overheads and sales

15        Cost volume profit analysis

16        Limiting factors

17        Cost bookkeeping

18        Decision making and investment appraisal

19        Ratio analysis

Appendix        Tables and formulae

            Glossary of terms

            Answers to practice questions


  • The writing style is very clear, understandable, and appropriate for both home and international students.
  • Each topic covered includes a critique of the subject matter with the aim of providing assistance to students in the writing of essays containing critical analysis and discussion of the chapter’s subject matter.
  • Includes numerous practice questions.