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Management for Engineers, Scientists and Technologists, 2nd Edition



Management for Engineers, Scientists and Technologists, 2nd Edition

John V. Chelsom, Andrew C. Payne, Lawrence R. P. Reavill

ISBN: 978-0-470-02126-2 October 2004 560 Pages

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Offers a practical and accessible introduction to management and provides a comprehensive guide to the management tools used in managing people and other resources. Part 1 includes a series of chapters on management applications and concepts, starting with basic issues such as 'What is a business?' and 'What is management?' continuing through management of quality, materials and new product development and concluding with examples of successful companies who provide good models of management. Part 2 starts with chapters on human resource management, and communication, and goes on to provide some tools and techniques, such as critical path networks, discounted cash flow, inventory control, concluding with a new chapter on the management of SMEs.

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Introduction to the second edition.



1. Business basics.

2. The business environment.

3. Management styles: From Taylorism to McKinsey’s 7Ss.

4. Management of quality.

5. Materials management.

6. Managing design and new product development.

7. Organizations.

8. Managing to succeed.


9. Human resource management – the individual.

10. Groups of people.

11. Communication.

12. Work study.

13. Costing and pricing.

14. Measuring financial performance.

15. Project investment decisions.

16. Maintenance management.

17. Project management.

18. Networks for projects.

19. Project management – managing construction procurement.

20. Inventory management.

21. Management of the supply system.

22. Marketing.

23. A case study in starting an SME.

Appendix 1: A guide to writing a business plan.

Appendix 2: Quality management tools.

Appendix 3: Case study: Developing a network.

Appendix 4: DCF tables.


  • New chapter has been added on the challenges facing start-up SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises). This chapter is based on a real life case study of a high-tech company founded by a young engineer. It provides several valuable lessons in successful business management, including: raising funds and dealing with banks; hiring and firing staff; finding premises; use of government support schemes; and selling to governmental and large organizations.
  • Chapter 4 on management of quality has been updated to include the introduction of BS EN ISO 9001:2000 highlighting its shift from Quality Assurance to Quality Management, its systemic approach, and new emphasis on Customer Focus, Quality Objectives, Resource Management and Preventive Action.
  • Chapter 7 on organizations has been rewritten to reflect the changing role of human resource management (HRM) and the relocation of HRM within organizational structures.
  • Chapter 9 on HRM has been updated to include explanations of some of the more recent theories of human motivation.
  • Chapter 17 on project management has been revised to include coverage of ideas on major project procurement through partnering and the use of private finance for public works.
  • Chapter 19 on the procurement of large projects has been rewritten to make it less UK specific and less detailed in respect of individual forms of contract.
  • A new appendix has been added on the content, purpose and use of a business plan.
  • New examples and references have been added
  • A web site will provided containing exercises for students and lecturers on project investment decisions and real life cash flow management examples.
Chelsom Companion Site Companion site containing open access exercises and password protected solutions (for the lecturer).
  • Contains detailed references, footnotes, and case studies discussing such topics as developing a network.
  • Discusses problem solving and communication skills.
  • Explores quality and TQM.
  • Compares the three major UK forms of contract in Engineering, plus includes an Appendix on the New Engineering Contract.