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Management of Communication Needs in People with Learning Disability

Management of Communication Needs in People with Learning Disability

Sam Abudarham (Editor), Angela Hurd (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-861-56208-1

Apr 2002

360 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This practically oriented book has been predominantly targeted at undergraduate speech and language therapy students, speech and language therapists who have recently started work in this field and other professionals working with people with learning disabilities. All the authors have had practical experience and/or conducted research in this field.

The presentation of the chapters follow a ‘need to know’ order, starting with an exploration of a range of ‘Service Delivery’ issues, continuing with theoretical and practical issues related to ‘Appraisal and Assessment of Communication Needs’ and quickly moving on to management issues starting with ‘Management Models’ which is followed by a chapter on ‘Early Intervention’, work on ‘Pre-symbolic and Pre-linguistic’ development, and transition from ‘Word to Phrase’.

For those requiring to extend their knowledge in more specialised areas, a number of chapters deal with subjects such as the use of ‘Augmentative and Alternative Communication’, and working with ‘Parents and Members of Related Professions’. The last two chapters address topics which have more recently attracted attention, these being the management of the communication needs of service users with ‘Challenging Behaviour’ and those with ‘Dual Diagnosis’ (learning disability and mental illness combined).

Most chapters include case studies to illustrate a number of practice issues. Whereas the main focus is on children with learning disability, where appropriate discussion relevant to adults with learning disability is included.

Issues of Service Delivery and Auditing.

Assessment of Communication needs.

Speech and Language Therapy Management Models.

Early Intervention.

Development of Pre-symbolic and Pre-linguistic Skills.

From First Words to phrase and From Phrase to Sentence.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

Working With Parents, Carers and Related Professions.

The Management of challenging Beaviour Within a Communication Framework.

Dual diagnosis.