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Management of Shared Fish Stocks



Management of Shared Fish Stocks

Andrew I. L. Payne (Editor), Carl M. O'Brien (Editor), Stuart I. Rogers (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-99992-9 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 384 Pages

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Celebrating the centenary of the Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) Fisheries Research Laboratory at Lowestoft, UK, this peer-reviewed, edited tome discusses four interwoven themes:
· The consequences and management of unregulated/unreported catches
· Competition
· External drivers and resource behaviour
· Ecosystems and migration

With contributions from fisheries scientists, policy-makers and managers from more than twenty countries, this international volume has evolved from the CEFAS symposium on International Approaches to Management of Shared Fish Stock- Problems and Future Directions. The editors, Andrew Payne, Carl O’Brien and Stuart Rogers, have succeeded in bringing together the research of over sixty participants into an essential source of reference for all those involved in, or studying, fisheries management across the globe.


List of participants.

1. Deterring IUU Fishing - Geoffrey P. Kirkwood and David J. Agnew.

2. Development of an estimation system for the U.S. longline discard estimates of bluefin tuna - Carl M. O'Brien, Graham P. Milling and Craig Brown.

3. Problems of herring assessment and management in the Baltic Sea - Georgs Kornilovs.

4. Relationships between fishing gear, size frequency and reproductive patterns for the kingfish (Scomberomorus commerson Lacépède) fishery in the Gulf of Oman – Micheal R.G. Claaereboudt, Hamed S. Al-Oufi, Jennifer McIlwain and J. Steven Goddard.

5. The management of transboundary stocks of toothfish, Dissostichus spp., under the convention on the conservation of antartic marine living resources - Eugene N. Sabourenkov and Denzil G.M. Miller.

6. On the management of shared fish stocks: critical issues and international initiatives to address them - Gordon R Munro, Rolf Willmann and Kevern L. Cochrane.

7. A review of Mediterranean shared stocks, assessment and management - Jordi Lleonart.

8. The experience of Antarctic whaling - Sidney Holt.

9. Transboundary issues in the purse-seine, trawl and crustacean fisheries of the Southeast Atlantic - Moses Maurihungirire.

10. Allocation in high seas fisheries: avoiding meltdown - Douglas S. Butterworth and Andrew J. Penney.

11. Management of shared Baltic fishery resources - Robert Aps.

12. The Southwest Atlantic; achievements of bilateral management and the case for multilateral arrangement - A. John Barton, David J. Agnew and Lunne V. Purchase.

13. The whole could be greater than the sum of the parts: the potential benefits of cooperative management of the Carribean spiny lobster - Kevern L. Cochrane, B. Chakalall and Gordon Munro.

14. The assessment and management of local herring stocks in the Baltic - Evald Ojaveer, Tiit Raid and Ulo Suursaar.

15. Fish fisheries and dolphins as indicators of ecosystem health along the Georgian coast of the Black Sea - Akaki Komakhidze, R. Goradze, R. Diasamidze, N. Mazmanidi and G. Komakhidze.

16. The role and the determination of residence proportions for fisheries resources across political boundaries: the Georges Bank example - Stratis Gavaris and Steven A. Murawski.

17. Integrating climate variation and changes into fisheries yield, with an example upon the southern Newfoundland (NAFO Subdivision 3Ps) cod - John G. Pope.

18. Measuring fish behaviour: the relevance to the managed exploitation of shared stocks - Julian D. Metcalfe and Mike G. Pawson.

19. The rise and fall of cod (Gadus morhua, L.) in the North Sea - R. Colin A. Bannister.

20. Managing Arabian Gulf sailfish - issues of transboundary migration - John Hoolihan.

Reports of Discussion Groups:.

1. International approaches to management of shared stocks: fisheries, management and external driver issues - Douglas S. Butterworth, Kevern L. Cochrane, Matthew R. Dunn and Clive J. Fox.

2. International approaches to management of shared stocks: ecosystems, competition and behavioural issues - Geoffrey P. Kirkwood, John G. Pope, John Casey and Ewen Bell.




"In summary, the book is an excellent reflection on the complexity of the problems of the management of shared fish stocks. It shows how little manoeuvrability for real management action is and how much we are in need of exactly this."
Archive of Fishery and Marine Research
* Chapters by internationally-respected fisheries scientists
* Looks at how fish stocks are shared in international waters
* Subject of massive commercial importance