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Management of Turfgrass Diseases , 3rd Edition

Management of Turfgrass Diseases , 3rd Edition

J. M. Vargas Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-471-47411-1

Nov 2004

360 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This third edition of Management of Turfgrass Disease is completely revised and updated to provide the latest information on maintaining a healthy turf and identifying and treating turf diseases. Written by a leading international lecturer on turf grasses, the book’s focus is on prevention as it lays out specific strategies you can follow to stop disease from occurring in the first place. The book also addresses cultural, genetic, biological, and chemical approaches to turf management and provides practical solutions to everyday problems. You'll learn about cool and warm season grasses, growing conditions, new diseases, symptoms, and identification and management techniques. Valuable tips on irrigation, fertilization, and grass culture are included, as are 72 full-color photographs and more than 100 figures.

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1. Introduction to Turfgrass Diseases.

Causes of Turfgrass Diseases.

Importance of Turfgrass Diseases.

Identifying Turfgrass Diseases.

Koch's Postulates.

Taking Samples.

Interpreting Research.

Disease Management.

Color Plates.

2. Fungal Diseases of Turfgrass, I: Diseases Primarily Occurring on Golf Course Turfs.

Foliar Anthracnose.

Crown Rotting Anthracnose.

Brown Patch.

Dollar Spot.

Pythium Blight.

Copper Spot.

Yellow Tuft.

Gray Leaf Spot.

3. Fungal Diseases of Turfgrass, II: Diseases Primarily of Home Lawns and General Turfs.

The Helminthosporium Diseases.


Leaf Spot.


Brown Blight.

Leaf Blotch.

Red Leaf Spot.


Powdery Mildew.

Red Thread.

Fairy Rings.

Slime Mold.

4. Fungal Diseases of Turfgrass, III: Disease Complexes.

The Patch Diseases.

Bermudagrass Decline.

Spring Dead Spot.

Necrotic Ring Spot.

Summer Patch.

Take-All Patch.

Pink Patch.

The Snow Molds.

Typhula Blight (Gray Snow Mold).

Microdochium Patch (Pink Snow Mold).

Other Snow Molds.

The Smuts.

Flag Smut and Stripe Smut.

The Rusts.

5. Bacterial, Mycoplasmal, Nematode Diseases of Turfgrass, and the Black Layer.

Bacterial Disease.

Bacterial Wilt.

Viral and Mycoplasmal Diseases.


Yellow Blight.

Specific Nematodes.

Resistant Cultivars.

The Black Layer.

The Role of Sulfur.

Myths of Sulfur and pH Reduction.

6. Fungicides.

Generic Names, Chemical Formulas, and Trade Names.

Systemic and Nonsystemic (Contact or Surface) Fungicides.

Pesticides and Human Medicines.

Safe Handling of Fungicides.

Criteria for Selecting a Fungicide.

Calculations to Save You Money.

7. Fungicide Resistance.

Resistance to Fungicides.

Fungicide Factor.

Fungal Factor.

Theories for Preventing or Delaying Resistance.

Commonly Accepted Strategies to Prevent or Delay Resistance.

Strategies to Prevent or Delay Resistance to DMI Fungicides.

New Strategies to Delay or Prevent Resistance.

8. Cultural Aspects of Turfgrass Disease Management.

Soil Fertility.


Phosphorus and Potassium.



Soil pH.




Height of Cut.



Collecting Grass Clippings to Prevent Thatch.

Does Thatch Cause Disease?

Disease Management by Mowing.



Hollow Tine.

Solid Tine.

Deep Tine.

Water Injection.


9. Using Disease Resistance in Turfgrass Management.

Mixtures and Blends.

Blends vs. Single Cultivars.

""Super"" Blends.

Should Blends Include a Common Type?

Horizontal and Vertical Resistance.


Stripe Smut.

High Maintenance Turf.

10. The Cool-Season Grasses: A Plant Pathologist's Point of View.

Cultivar Evaluations.

The Bentgrasses.

Creeping Bentgrass.

Colonial Bentgrass.

Velvet Bentgrass.

The Bluegrasses.

Kentucky Bluegrass.

Annual Bluegrass.

Poa Trivialis.

The Fescues.

Tall Fescue.

The Fine-Leaf Fescues.

Meadow Fescue.

The Ryegrasses.

11. The Warm-Season Grasses: A Plant Pathologist's Point of View.

The Zoysiagrasses.



St. Augustinegrass.


Paspalum vaginatum.

Other Problems of Warm-Season Turfgrasses.

12. Disease Management Strategies for Golf Courses-Cool Season.

Cool-Season Grasses: Greens.

The Bentgrasses.

Annual Bluegrass.

Cool-Season Grasses: Tees.

Suggested Species.

Cultural Programs.

Cool-Season Grasses: Fairways.

The Bentgrasses.

Annual Bluegrass.

The Fine-Leaf Fescues.

Perennial Ryegrass.

13. Disease Management Strategies for Golf Courses - Warm Season.

Warm-Season Grasses: Winter Overseeding.

Warm-Season Grasses: Greens.

Creeping Bentgrass.


Paspalum vaginatum.

Warm-Season Grasses: Tees.



Warm-Season Grasses: Fairways.





14. Disease Management Strategies for Home-Lawn Grasses.

Cool-Season Grasses.

The Kentucky Bluegrasses.

Fine-Leaf Fescues.

Perennial Ryegrasses.

Creeping Bentgrass.

Tall Fescue.

Rough Bluegrass.


Warm-Season Grasses.


St. Augustinegrass.


Centipedegrass and Bahiagrass.

Appendix: Guide for the Control of Turfgrass Diseases.




  • All new chapters on fungicide resistance and disease management strategies.
  • Provides the most up-to-date information on the major grasses, diseases, and practices.
  • Written by an internationally known expert in the field.
  • Over 72 color photos provides a rich visual resource.
  • Lays out specific preventative disease strategies