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Manager's Official Guide to Team Working

Manager's Official Guide to Team Working

Jerry Spiegel, Cresencio Torres

ISBN: 978-0-883-90408-4

Nov 1994, Pfeiffer

159 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This book is every manager's best friAnd when putting a team together. The authors outline a step-by-step model to recruit, assess, build, and facilitate a high-performing team. Each chapter Ands with a "Quick Review" that summarizes the concepts covered.You'll improve your organization by:
* Recruiting members and forming a team that works
* Resolving conflict quickly
* Facilitating meetings effectively . . . and much more!

Grasp the structure of an efficient, cohesive, productive team. Your organization will benefit from a distribution of skills and tasks that will cut the bottom line. Order one for every manager in your organization today!


Teams and Teamwork.

Team Formation and Assessment.

Effective Team Communication.

Team Development.

Team-Member Roles.

Decision Making.

Resolving Team Conflict.

Meeting-Management Skills.

Problem Solving.

The Politics of Preparation.