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Managers Divided: Organisation Politics and Information Technology Management



Managers Divided: Organisation Politics and Information Technology Management

David Knights, Fergus Murray

ISBN: 978-0-470-86008-3 November 2000 290 Pages


Identifies and analyzes the social, political and problematic nature of systems and the use of IT in contemporary society. Considers the growing complexity of IT management issues, the changing profiles and organization of the IS profession and the dominant rise of a user relations problem within modern systems development. Features a detailed, case study of a major systems project--from the early decisions involving desirability and design to launch and initial assessment. Analyzes the shift from a technological-led to a strategic and marketing-led use of IT.
Organizational Politics and Theories of Technological Change.

The Social Construction of Technology as Political Process.

Responses to Complexity: Developments in IT Management andUse.

The IS Specialism: Organisation, Development and Culture.

Looking into User Relations.

Business Application Software: Masculinity and the Making ofSoftware.

Building Computer Systems at Pensco: The Pensions Project.

Separate Realities: Pensco's Different Pensions Projects.

The Politics and Pain of Managing Information Systems.

Constructing Technology Context at Pensco: Systems, Staff andSystems Practices.

The Politics of User Relations: The IS Division.