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Managing Business Change For Dummies



Managing Business Change For Dummies

Beth L. Evard, Craig A. Gipple

ISBN: 978-1-118-06947-9 May 2011 384 Pages


Managing Business Change For Dummies gives you practical step-by-step advice for evaluating your organization's change effort from start to finish. This friendly guide brings you specific techniques and tools for each step of the change process -- from how to pinpoint potential problems and resolve them quickly, to how to help employees respond to change with more flexible and positive attitudes.

PART I: Who, Me? Change?

Chapter 1: Expect the Unexpected.

Chapter 2: What Is Changing?

PART II: Over Two-Thirds of Changes Fail -- Don't Let Resistance Put You in This Statistic.

Chapter 3: Resistance: Looking at Losers and Winners.

Chapter 4: Don't Shoot! Resisters Aren't Your Enemies.

Chapter 5: Why People Will Always Resist.

Chapter 6: If Knowledge Is Power, How Do I Get More Of It?

Chapter 7: Managers Resist Change, Too.

Chapter 8: Skills for Working with Resistance.

Chapter 9: Assessment: How's Your Organization Doing with Resistance?

PART III: Planning Your Change -- From Calamari to Tiramisu.

Chapter 10: Making Sure That Your First Step Is The Right One.

Chapter 11: Getting Your Act Together.

Chapter 12: Describing Your Present World.

Chapter 13: What Does Your Brave New World Look Like?

Chapter 14: Creating Your Implementation Plan -- Even When You Don't Want To.

Chapter 15: Now, What Do You Tell Your Employees?

Chapter 16: Assessment: How's Your Management Doing with Planning for Change?

PART IV: Leading the Charge.

Chapter 17: The Many Faces of Leadership.

Chapter 18: Making Communication Work for You.

Chapter 19: Celebrate Successes.

Chapter 20: Assessment: How's Your Management Doing with Leading the Charge?

PART V: Taking Care of Yourself -- No One Else Will.

Chapter 21: Five Keys to Mental Mastery.

Chapter 22: Powerlifting for the Mind and Body.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 23: Ten Things That Every Change Winner Does.

Chapter 24: Ten Barriers to Successful Change.


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