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Managing Leadership Stress

Managing Leadership Stress

Vidula Bal, Michael Campbell, Sharon McDowell-Larsen

ISBN: 978-1-118-15501-1

Aug 2011, Pfeiffer

32 pages


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Everyone experiences stress, and leaders face the additional stress brought about by the unique demands of leadership: having to make decisions with limited information, to manage conflict, to do more with less . . . and faster! The consequences of stress can include health problems and deteriorating relationships. Knowing what signs of stress to look for and having a strategy for increasing your resources will help you manage leadership stress and be more effective over a long career.

Table of Contents

The Stress of Leadership 7

Why Is Leadership Stressful? 8

Stress Assessment 13

When Stress Is Who, Not What 17

Handling Your Leadership Stress 20

Less Stress, Better Leadership 28

Suggested Readings 29

Background 29

Key Point Summary 31
7 The Stress of Leadership

8 Why Is Leadership Stressful?

13 Stress Assessment

17 When Stress Is Who, Not What

20 Handling Your Leadership Stress

28 Less Stress, Better Leadership

29 Suggested Readings

29 Background

31 Key Point Summary