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Managing Open Source Projects: A Wiley Tech Brief

Managing Open Source Projects: A Wiley Tech Brief

Jan Sandred

ISBN: 978-0-471-18917-6

Mar 2002

208 pages

Select type: E-Book



The only guide to managing and integrating the open source model
With the phenomenal success of Linux, companies are taking open source business solutions much more seriously than ever before. This book helps to satisfy the growing demand for guidance on how to manage open source enterprise development projects. Expert Jan Sandred explores the open source philosophy, describes current software tools for managing open source projects, and provides expert guidance on how to organize and manage open source projects using the Internet as a collaboration tool. With the help of several fascinating and instructive case studies, Sandred explores practical concerns such as building, motivating, and managing virtual teams; structuring tasks and meeting deadlines; establishing trust; project management software tools; maintaining project security; and more.

An Open Source Primer.

Open Source in Business Terms.

The Open Source Philosophy.

Open Source and the Internet Economy.

Network Organizations.

Managing a Virtual Team.

Managing Distributed Web Projects.

Tools for Building Open Source Sites.

Open Source Tool Tips.

Setting Up an Open Source Project.

Open Source Management Anecdotes.

So, Are You Ready for Open Source?
"an essential practical guide" (Linux User, September 2001)