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Managing Pain in Children: A Clinical Guide for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, 2nd Edition



Managing Pain in Children: A Clinical Guide for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals, 2nd Edition

Alison Twycross (Editor), Stephanie Dowden (Editor), Jennifer Stinson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-51456-6 October 2013 Wiley-Blackwell 312 Pages


Providing an evidence-based, practical guide to care in all areas of children's pain management, Managing Pain in Children offers nurses and other healthcare professionals an introduction to the skills and expertise to manage children's pain effectively.

This fully-updated second edition first explores the relevant anatomy and physiology of children, the latest policy guidelines surrounding pain management and ethical issues involved in managing children's pain. Various pain assessment tools available for children and non-drug methods of pain relief are then explored and applied to practice in relation to acute pain, chronic pain, palliative care and the management of procedural pain.

The evidence base, assessment techniques, pain-relieving interventions, and guidance for best practice in both hospital and community settings are covered throughout, making this title an ideal resource for all nurses and healthcare professionals working with children.

List of Contributors vi

Foreword vii
Professor Patrick J McGrath

1 Why Managing Pain in Children Matters 1
Alison Twycross and Anna Williams

2 Anatomy and Physiology of Pain 18
Jackie Bentley

3 Pain: A Biopsychosocial Phenomenon 36
Alison Twycross and Anna Williams

4 Pharmacology of Analgesic Drugs 48
Stephanie Dowden

5 Physical and Psychological Methods of Pain Relief in Children 86
Alison Twycross and Jennifer Stinson

6 Pain Assessment 112
Jennifer Stinson and Lindsay Jibb

7 Managing Acute Pain in Children 140
Sueann Penrose, Lori Palozzi and Stephanie Dowden

8 Chronic Pain in Children 179
Jennifer Stinson and Kathy Reid

9 Palliative Care in Children 212
Stephanie Dowden

10 Management of Painful Procedures 246
Kathy Reid, Alison Twycross and Dianne Tuterra

11 Where To From Here? 272
Alison Twycross and Jennifer Stinson

Index 292

• Dr Jennifer Stinson from the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto has joined the editorial team, thus broadening the geographical perspective of the title

• Improved illustrations throughout

• Inclusion of the latest research and clinical guidelines

• New information about pharmacology and the latest drugs used to treat pain

• More case studies, clinical scenarios and practice points to increase user-friendliness

Reviews from 1st edition:

“A well-written resource that covers a range of pertinent topics in pediatric pain…the evidence-based, practical approach makes this guide a useful reference for both novice and experienced health care professionals. This clinical guide is a welcome addition to the pediatric pain literature and would serve well as a textbook for a course in pediatric pain.” Pediatric Pain Letter