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Managing Reputational Risk: Curbing Threats, Leveraging Opportunities



Managing Reputational Risk: Curbing Threats, Leveraging Opportunities

Jenny Rayner

ISBN: 978-0-470-86948-2 March 2004 340 Pages


Managing Reputational Risk shows how any organisation can apply simple risk management principles to build stakeholder confidence and safeguard and enhance reputation. It positions reputation and its associated threats and opportunities where they rightfully belong: in the domain of the board room, at the heart of good corporate governance, leading-edge strategy development, effective risk management, corporate responsibility, comprehensive assurance and transparent communications.
* Illustrates, through numerous examples of good - and not so good - business practice, the importance of respecting and nurturing reputation as a critical intangible asset.
* Demonstrates how mastery of reputation risks can enable an organisation to be seen as responsible and responsive, as well as equipping it to meet the challenges that lie ahead.
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Chapter 1. Reputation Unravelled.

Chapter 2. The Business Case for Reputation Risk Management.

Chapter 3. Risk Management: An Overview.

Chapter 4. Identifying, Prioritising and Responding to Risks.

Chapter 5. Making Reputation Risk Management Everyone's Business.

Chapter 6. Managing Threats and Opportunities to Reputation.

Chapter 7. Reputation in the Spotlight.

Chapter 8. Peace of Mind Through Audit and Assurance.

Chapter 9. Bolstering Reputation Through Transparent Reporting and Communications.

Chapter 10. Maintaining Momentum.

Chapter 11. Towards a Sustainable Reputation.

Chapter 12. Future Challenges and Opportunities.

Appendix A: The Hermes Principles.

Appendix B: Appendix to the Turnbull Report.

Appendix C: BP's Policy Commitment on Ethical Conduct.

Appendix D: Twelve Steps for Implementing a Code of Business Ethics.


"...Managing Reputational Risk demystifies reputation risk management, making it accessible to the board..." (ACCA Newsletter)

"... brings together the latest ideas for helping companies tackle the growing list of reputational risks." (Economist, 22nd Jan 04)

"... extremely thorough and careful coverage of managing reputational risk..." (Change Management Monitor, May 04)