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Managing Resources and Information: A Competence Approach to Supervisory Management



Managing Resources and Information: A Competence Approach to Supervisory Management

Roger Cartwright, Michael Collins, George Green, Anita Candy, Management Charter Initiative (MCI)

ISBN: 978-0-631-20924-9 June 1998 Wiley-Blackwell 256 Pages


This series is designed for supervisors and front line managers and has been re-written to support the latest Management Standards from the Management Charter Initiative who have provided the Foreword.

Each book provides the knowledge and understanding required for the core and major options associated with the NVQ/SVQ3 level qualifications in Supervisory Management and is written in a manner that links learning with the supervisor/front line manager's work experience. As such it also supports non-competence programmes such as the NEBSM Introductory and Full Certificate programmes in Supervisory Management.

Whilst finance at supervisory level has no dedicated management standards, it is vital that the competent supervisor/front line manager can understand the financial implications of their role.

The RESOURCES section of this book provides the reader with an understanding of the language and practices of the finance function as they relate to the work situation.

The INFORMATION section considers the types of information the supervisor/front line manager is likely to encounter, and looks at the ways of distributing and presenting such information.

1. Introduction.

2. Being in Charge.

3. What is Management Competence?

Part I: Managing Finance.

4. Understanding Businesses.

5. Keeping Track of the Money.

6. Planning and Controlling.

7. Costs and Costing.

8. How are we doing?

9.Compensation and Payment Schemes.

Part II: Management Information.

10. The Need for Information.

11. Using Numbers.

12. Storing and Retrieving Information.

13. Information in Interviews and Meetings.

14. Making Presentations.

15. Writing Reports.

16. Personal Competence.

  • Revised to incorporate MCI standards.

  • Adopts a competency based approach to management training.