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Managing Safety: A Guide for Executives

Managing Safety: A Guide for Executives

Kishor Bhagwati

ISBN: 978-3-527-60959-8 February 2007 235 Pages




What are accidents? Are they just statistics that your safety department sends to you monthly and which you glance over and ask yourself whether the safety professional you have employed is doing his job right?
Aimed primarily at top and middle management, this book adopts the new approach to preventing serious incidents rather than minimal compliance with regulations. It takes you step-by-simple-step to show how accidents can be avoided with little effort and money, allowing you to reap the rewards such an injury-free culture brings: higher worker morale, better product quality, and maximum productivity. Plus the inner satisfaction of reaching a goal that is worth striving for, namely zero accidents.
Consequences of an Accident
A Small Experiment
Man, not Machine
Why do Accidents Happen?
The Underlying Reasons
How to make People not take Risks
The Myths of Management
Who 'makes' safety?
Management Tools
Pillar 1: Total Management Commitment
Pillar 2: Safety Visits -
The Basics
Safety Visits -
The System
Safety Visits -
The Procedure
The Art of Talking
Involving the Worker
Pillar 3: Accident Investigation
The Methodology of Accident Investigation
The Art of Questioning
Accident or Incident?
Pillar 4: Responsibility & Authority
Safety Committees
Lock Out -
Tag Out
Other Managerial Tools
How to Proceed
Appendix 1: Understanding Safety Numbers
Appendix 2: Job Description Safety Professional
"…should be required reading by all industrial/chemical plant managers from supervisors to the top manager in the organization." (Journal of Hazardous Materials, July 19, 2007)