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Managing Software Development Projects: Formula for Success, 2nd Edition



Managing Software Development Projects: Formula for Success, 2nd Edition

Neal Whitten

ISBN: 978-0-471-07683-4 May 1995 400 Pages


Practical, comprehensive--a complete, no-nonsense guide to betterproject management...

This no-nonsense troubleshooting guide was written for frontlinemanagers who want results, not rhetoric. Short on theory and longon practical, hands-on advice and guidance, it arms you withproven, easy-to-implement solutions to big ticket problems thatplague today's software development projects, including thoserelating to personnel, quality, project scheduling and tracking,product requirements, product quality and usability, and much more.Written in a straightforward, conversational style and packed withrealistic scenarios, Managing Software Development Projects, SecondEdition shows you how to:
* Identify, resolve, and avoid most common development problems
* Improve the quality of your products and your customers'satisfaction with them
* Shorten development cycles
* Increase the productivity of your team members

Updated and expanded by over 50 percent to reflect many changesthat have occurred in the field over the past four years, thisSecond Edition of the bestselling original is now, more than ever,an indispensable resource for every project manager or softwaredeveloper.
Defining a Software Development Process.

Discipline: The Glue That Holds It All Together.

Communicating in Harmony.

Project Schedule Planning: Getting in Control.

Project Tracking: Staying in Control.

Planning for Quality.

Managing Priorities Effectively.

Product Requirements: Understanding the Customer's Problem toSolve.

Product Objectives: Providing Direction for the Solution.

Product Specifications: Defining the Final Product.

Product Ease of Use.

Development Testing: Strengthening the Weak Link.

Vendor Relationships.

Postproject Review: Understanding the Past to Improve theFuture.