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Managing TCP/IP Networks: Techniques, Tools, and Security Considerations

Managing TCP/IP Networks: Techniques, Tools, and Security Considerations

Gilbert Held

ISBN: 978-0-470-84156-3 October 2001 352 Pages


Managing TCP/IP Networks Techniques, Tools and Security Considerations
Gilbert Held, 4-Degree Consulting, Macon, Georgia, USA
  • Focuses on the techniques, tools, diagnostic testing, and security
  • Addresses the practical methods to manage a TCP/IP network
  • Helps readers to manage and control operation and utilization
  • Features include information on data flows, routing protocols and IP address classes

TCP/IP is the standardized protocol of the Internet. There are numerous management issues associated with the construction and operation of a TCP/IP network. This comprehensive text addresses these issues, ranging from the planning behind the assignment of TCP/IP addresses to the ability to recognize network problems and the appropriate use of diagnostic tools to discover their cause.

Written in an accessible style, this book will appeal to a wide-ranging audience. For professionals in the field of data communications and computer science, LAN administrators, network managers, network analysts, network designers and network engineers. It is also essential reading for students of electrical & electronic engineering, computer science and communications. Visit the Wiley Telecommunications Website on-line at: Visit Our Web Page!

The TCP/IP Protocol Suite.

The Internet Protocol.

The Transport Layer.

The Domain Name System.

Layer 2 Management.

Layer 3 and Layer 4 Management.


Management by Utility Program.