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Managing Workplace Stress: A Best Practice Blueprint

Managing Workplace Stress: A Best Practice Blueprint

Stephen Williams, Lesley Cooper

ISBN: 978-0-470-84287-4

Mar 2002

160 pages

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The facts of workplace stress are terrifying for businesses: in the average organisation ten percent of employees report very low levels of satisfaction with their jobs and three percent of turnover may be lost. Yet while stress may be endemic to business, it is not inevitable. Breaking through barriers of ignorance to promote happy and productive workforces, Steve Williams and Lesley Cooper provide a framework for building appropriate interventions along with a proactive template for dealing with stress before issues come to a head. Full of examples and workable solutions, this internationally-oriented book offers a wealth of sound advice and an essential stress debrief.
Series Foreword by Digby Jones.

About the Authors.


What is Stress?

How to Recognise Workplace Stress.

The Cost of Stress.

What Effect Does Stress Have on Performance and Productivity?

Quantifying the Stress Problem.

Gaining a Deeper Understanding - Stress Surveys.

Running a Stress Survey.

Interpreting the Information.

What Do I Do About the Issues?

Levels of Intervention.




"A good refresher to acknowledge and recognize the need to constantly address and evaluate this issue on a continuous basis." (Accident and Emergency Nursing, Vol.11, No.58, 2003)