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Managing Your E-Mail: Thinking Outside the Inbox

Managing Your E-Mail: Thinking Outside the Inbox

Christina Cavanagh

ISBN: 978-0-471-64853-6 November 2003 208 Pages




Manage information overload to save time and money

E-mail is one of the most useful and efficient business applications ever developed. However, many people today dread the chore of sorting through an inbox crammed with messages that don't concern them and spam they don't want. In fact, research shows that North American office workers waste up to twenty hours every week sorting and managing their e-mail messages, causing more productivity loss than gain. Finally, there's a straightforward guide dedicated to helping workers and organizations tame the e-mail monster and take back their time.

Managing Your E-mail is a simple, accessible reference for workers and organizations that want to get the most out of this ubiquitous and sometimes overwhelming method of communication. With new strategies for dealing with e-mail inefficiencies and practical tips on getting and staying organized, it will free up hours of time each week for what's really important. It examines the categories and patterns of e-mail misuse and presents practical, research-based explanations, solutions, and quick tips on topics such as:
* Best practices for responding to e-mail
* When to choose more traditional communication methods over e-mail
* How to structure an e-mail for high-impact
* How to craft more readable and understandable messages
* Legal pitfalls to avoid
* Common e-mail myths
* How to reduce e-mail volume in your organization

CHAPTER 1. E-mail?s Quirks and Wonders
Why e-mail makes us work differently.

CHAPTER 2. The Legal Face of E-mail
Navigate the pitfalls and stay out of the courthouse.

CHAPTER 3. Using E-mail Judiciously
It?s okay to pick up the phone.

CHAPTER 4. The Inbox
How to manage your inbox like a pro and reduce e-mail volume in your organization.

CHAPTER 5. The Outbox
A guide to good citizenry on the e-mail frontier.

CHAPTER 6. The Smoking Gun
Take control and make e-mail work for you.