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Managing the Testing Process: Practical Tools and Techniques for Managing Hardware and Software Testing, 3rd Edition

Managing the Testing Process: Practical Tools and Techniques for Managing Hardware and Software Testing, 3rd Edition

Rex Black

ISBN: 978-1-118-07401-5

Feb 2011

676 pages



New edition of one of the most influential books on managing software and hardware testing

In this new edition of his top-selling book, Rex Black walks you through the steps necessary to manage rigorous testing programs of hardware and software. The preeminent expert in his field, Mr. Black draws upon years of experience as president of both the International and American Software Testing Qualifications boards to offer this extensive resource of all the standards, methods, and tools you'll need.

The book covers core testing concepts and thoroughly examines the best test management practices and tools of leading hardware and software vendors. Step-by-step guidelines and real-world scenarios help you follow all necessary processes and avoid mistakes.

  • Producing high-quality computer hardware and software requires careful, professional testing; Managing the Testing Process, Third Edition explains how to achieve that by following a disciplined set of carefully managed and monitored practices and processes
  • The book covers all standards, methods, and tools you need for projects large and small
  • Presents the business case for testing products and reviews the author's latest test assessments
  • Topics include agile testing methods, risk-based testing, IEEE standards, ISTQB certification, distributed and outsourced testing, and more
  • Over 100 pages of new material and case studies have been added to this new edition

If you're responsible for managing testing in the real world, Managing the Testing Process, Third Edition is the valuable reference and guide you need.

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Chapter 1 Defining What’s on Your Plate: The Foundation of a Test Project.

Chapter 2 Plotting and Presenting Your Course: The Test Plan.

Chapter 3 Test-System Architecture, Cases, and Coverage.

Chapter 4 An Exciting Career in Entomology Awaits You: A Bug-Tracking Database.

Chapter 5 Managing Test Cases: The Test-Tracking Spreadsheet.

Chapter 6 Tips and Tools for Crunch Mode: Managing the Dynamic.

Chapter 7 Stocking and Managing a Test Lab.

Chapter 8 Staffing and Managing a Test Team.

Chapter 9 The Triumph of Politics: Organizational Challenges for Test Managers.

Chapter 10 Involving Other Players: Distributed Testing, outsourcing, and related topics.

Chapter 11 Economics of Testing: Fiscal Context.

Part One Appendices.

Appendix A Hardware-Testing Fundamentals: An Introduction for Software-Testing Professionals.

Appendix B Omninet: The Internet Everywhere Marketing Requirements Document.

Appendix C Omninet: The Internet Everywhere System Requirements Document.

Appendix D Bibliography, Related Readings, and Other Resources.



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The exercise solutions can be downloaded from: The SpeedyWriter, DataRocket, Omninet, templates, and all other support files can be found at: