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Mansions of the Heart: Exploring the Seven Stages of Spiritual Growth

Mansions of the Heart: Exploring the Seven Stages of Spiritual Growth

R. Thomas Ashbrook

ISBN: 978-0-470-53005-4

Sep 2009, Jossey-Bass

304 pages



A practical program for developing a deeper, more authentic relationship with God

Written for anyone who wants to develop a deeper more meaningful relationship with God, Mansions of the Heart offers a step-by-step guide through a spiritual formation road map based on Teresa of Avila's Seven Mansions. The book includes a Mapping Tool that will help you discern your place on your spiritual journey and offers church leaders a process for helping church members to grow into spiritual maturity.

  • Contains a spiritual program based on the writings of Teresa of Avila, one of Christianity's most profound and beloved mystical teachers Offers a complete, step-by-step program for spiritual growth
  • Includes information for leading others in their spiritual journeys
  • Appropriate for all kinds of Christians



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1 Is This All There Is?

2 Common Myths That Lead Down Dead-End Roads.

3 Your Journey into the Love of God.

4 New Beginnings: The First Mansion.

5 Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Second Mansion.

6 Following Jesus: The Third Mansion.

7 Discovering the Love of Jesus: The Fourth Mansion.

8 Longing for Oneness with God: The Fifth Mansion.

9 The Long Dark Corridor: The Dark Nights of the Soul.

10 The Passion of God's Love: The Sixth Mansion.

11 A Life of Love in the Trinity: The Seventh Mansion.

12 Your Unique Journey.

13 Spiritual Formation and the Church.

14 Our Call to Action.

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