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Mantle Flow and Melt Generation at Mid-Ocean Ridges

Mantle Flow and Melt Generation at Mid-Ocean Ridges

Jason Phipps Morgan (Editor), Donna K. Blackman (Editor), John M. Sinton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66387-5

Mar 2013

361 pages

Select type: O-Book


Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 71.

This volume provides both a comprehensive geophysical, petrological, and geochemical background on mantle flow and melt generation at mid-ocean ridges and results of current research in the field. The first part of the book contains overview papers geared towards a broad scientific audience with the dual intent of introducing new workers to the field and providing useful background and reference for those who study different aspects of oceanic spreading centers. The second set of papers presents current research on mantle upwelling and melting beneath mid-ocean ridges.

The motivation for publishing this set of papers as a monograph is to provide access to a range of currently recognized constraints and modeling approaches on the nature of mantle flow and melt generation along mid-ocean ridges. Our hope is that the multidisciplinary style of this volume will encourage communication between researchers in different fields and that this will enhance our progress towards a more complete understanding of the plate spreading and accretion process.


1. Geophysical Constraints on Mantle Flow and Melt Generation Beneath Mid-Ocean Ridges
Donald W. Forsyth 1

2. Phase Equilibria Constraints on the Origin of Ocean Floor Basalts
Paul C. Hess 67

3. Structure, Rheology and Permeability of Partially Molten Rocks at Low Melt Fractions
David L. Kohlstedt 103

4. Mantle Flow and Melt Migration beneath Oceanic Ridges: Models derived from Observations in
Georges Ceuleneer and Michel Rabinowicz 123

5. The Physics of Magma Migration and Mantle Flow Beneath a Mid -Ocean Ridge
Donald L. Turcotte and Jason Phipps Morgan 155

6. Petrological Systematics of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts: Constraints on Melt Generation Beneath
Ocean Ridges
Charles H. Langmuir, Emily M. Klein and Terry Plank 183

7. Fractionation of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalt (MORE)
Timothy L. Grove, Rosamond J. Kinzler and Wilfred B. Bryan 281

8. The Effects of Plate Thickening on Three-Dimensional, Passive Flow of the Mantle Beneath
Mid-Ocean Ridges
Donna K. Blackman and Donald W. Forsyth 311

9. Small-Scale Convection and Mantle Melting Beneath Mid -Ocean Ridges
David R. Scott 327

10. Magnetotellurics and Mid-Ocean Ridge Melt Transport: A 2-D Perspective
Rob L. Evans and Mark E. Everett 353