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Manual of Construction Project Management: For Owners and Clients



Manual of Construction Project Management: For Owners and Clients

Jüri Sutt

ISBN: 978-0-470-65824-6 July 2011 Wiley-Blackwell 168 Pages

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This construction client's manual is written in the form of a list of activities. It supports owners in the role of client by helping them make choices during the project development process. This increases control over cost, quality and duration at each stage.

Activities within each main stage of the project development (preparation stage; procurement; design; preparation for construction; construction itself; handover; implementation) are divided into phases, each requiring separate decision-making. The phase begins with a list of direct previous decisions and continues with a list of executors, the goal of the present phase and a list of activities to be performed. And each phase ends with a list of expected results and a list of activities that these results release for action in the next phase.

The sequence of these seven stages can be altered to help building owners manage risk by choosing and combining the timing of these stages. The tasks involved in project preparation, described in the first chapter are for example, often left by the owner for the designers to solve - or sometimes even the contractors. The decisions relating to the choice of procurement schemes, described in the second chapter, can be made either at the preparation stage of project development, as part of the prioritisation of aims, or at the time of choosing the designer, or at the stage of choosing construction contractors.

Manual of Construction Project Management – for owners & clients is for prospective owners who either operate as clients themselves, or who use the services of professional construction management companies. The aim is to help both owners and their construction partners understand what to expect from each other.

The manual describes activities at the level of detail required to choose the management task or method to make the decision. It is not bound to regulations of any specific country and a detailed glossary makes it an indispensable worldwide reference.

Preface vii

About the Author ix

Introduction xi

Glossary xix

Chapter 1: Preparation stage 1

1.1 Project statement 2

1.2 Appointment of a project manager and integration of project management in the process management of the owner’s company 5

1.3 Needs and profitability analysis 6

1.4 Preparation of the financial scheme and loan contracts 16

1.5 Preparation for land purchase and corresponding contracts 20

1.6 Feasibility studies and corresponding investigations 24

1.7 Detailed area planning 31

1.8 Scheme design 35

Chapter 2: Procurement stage 41

2.1 Choice of procurement path 42

2.2 Methods for choosing the contractor 55

2.3 Process of tendering 58

Chapter 3: Design stage 61

3.1 Preparation phase 62

3.2 The choice of designer 65

3.3 Contracting between client and designer (consultant) 68

3.4 Management of design 72

Chapter 4: Construction preparation stage 77

4.1 Building permit application 78

4.2 Construction procurement programme preparation (preliminary conditions of contract) 78

4.3 Choice of contractor 81

4.4 Construction contracting 85

Chapter 5: Construction stage 91

5.1 Construction management 92

5.2 Owner’s supervision and quality management 94

5.3 Cost control 99

5.4 Management of changes and additional works 102

5.5 Management of the client’s direct contracts 105

Chapter 6: Take-over stage 107

6.1 Revisions of general construction work 108

6.2 Revisions of engineering systems 109

6.3 Building take-over 110

6.4 The building’s taking for use 112

6.5 Project completion 114

6.6 Warranty period 116

Appendices 119

Appendix 1 119

List of the construction client’s principal decisions 119

Appendix 2 120

List of document folders that should be completed during project development 120

Bibliography 123

Index 125

"In this clearly organized manual, Sutt (construction economics and management, Tallinn U. of Technology, Estonia) lists activities that building owners who are construction clients will need to make decisions about during project development, to help them understand the expectations of their construction partners. The guide can also be used by the designers, contractors, supervisors, and construction managers working with them, and details the stages of a project (preparation, procurement, design, preparation for construction, construction, and handover) and their phases, goals, executors, and expected results." (Book News, 1 October 2011)