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Manual of Pesticide Residue Analysis, Volume 1

Manual of Pesticide Residue Analysis, Volume 1

Hans-Peter Thier (Editor), Hans Zeumer (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60761-7

May 2006

449 pages

Select type: O-Book


This collection of up-to-date methods for analyzing pesticide residues represents those proven methods that are of most value to the analyst.

The methods chosen demonstrate a particularly high standard of reliability and have all been validated by at least one other specially qualified laboratory. They are also presented in such detailed and readily understandable form that analysts using them cannot possibly be left in doubt about how to proceed. Each of the single methods specifies the substrates to which it is suited and on which it has been validated, among them food crops, stored commodities, processed food of vegetable and animal origin, feedstuffs, forage and fodder crops, soil, and water.

Both Volumes arrange the compound-specific methods in the alphabetical order of the compound names. They also contain indexes to provide quick access to the desired method. The single methods each contain the chemical name and the structural formula of the respective compound. Multiple methods are preceded by a table in which chemical names and structural formulae are presented jointly for all compounds.
From the Contents:
Part 1: Introduction and Instructions/
Part 2: Cleanup Methods/
Part 3: Individual Pesticide Residue Analytical Methods/
Part 4: Multiple Pesticide Residue Analytical Methods/