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Manual of Pesticide Residue Analysis, Volume 2, Manual of Pesticide Residue Analysis V II

Manual of Pesticide Residue Analysis, Volume 2, Manual of Pesticide Residue Analysis V II

Hans-Peter Thier (Editor), Jochen Kirchhoff (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60762-4

Jun 2006

498 pages

Select type: O-Book


This collection of up-to-date methods for analyzing pesticide residues represents those proven methods that are of most value to the analyst.

The methods chosen demonstrate a particularly high standard of reliability and have all been validated by at least one other specially qualified laboratory. They are also presented in such detailed and readily understandable form that analysts using them cannot possibly be left in doubt about how to proceed. Each of the single methods specifies the substrates to which it is suited and on which it has been validated, among them food crops, stored commodities, processed food of vegetable and animal origin, feedstuffs, forage and fodder crops, soil, and water.

Both Volumes arrange the compound-specific methods in the alphabetical order of the compound names. They also contain indexes to provide quick access to the desired method. The single methods each contain the chemical name and the structural formula of the respective compound. Multiple methods are preceded by a table in which chemical names and structural formulae are presented jointly for all compounds.
Contents of Volume 1

Senate Commission for Pesticides, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

Working Group on Residue Analysis, Senate Commission for Pesticides

Part 1: Introduction and Instructions (contd.)

Derivation of the Limits of Detection and Determination Applying the Calibration Curve Concept

Mass-Spectrometric EI Data for Confirmation of Results

Part 2: Cleanup Methods (contd.)

Cleanup Method 6. Cleanup of crude extracts from plant and animal material by gel permeation chromatography on a polystyrene gel in an automated apparatus (updated)

Cleanup Method 7. Solid phase extraction of water samples on alkyl-modified silica gel using disposable columns

Cleanup Method 8. Solid phase extraction of water samples on alkyl-modified silica gel

Part 3: Individual Pesticide Residue Analytical Methods (contd.)

Amitrole, 4-A)

Anilazine, 186

Benomyl, Carbendazim, Thiophanate-methyl, 261-378-370

Bitertanol, 613-A

Bitertanol, Triadimefon, Triadimenol, 613-425-605

Bromoxynil, Ioxynil, 264-212

Carbendazim, 378

Carbosulfan, Carbofuran, 658-344

Chlorflurenol, Flurenol, 275-215

Chloridazon, 89-A

Chlorsulfuron, Metsulfuron, 664-672

Copper Oxychloride, 147-A

Cymoxanil, 513

2,4-D, Dichlorprop, 27-A-38-A

Dichlobenil, 225-A

Dichlofluanid, Tolylfluanid, 203-371

Dichlofluanid, Tolylfluanid, 203-A-371-A

Dinobuton, Binapacryl, 255-8

Fonofos, 288

Fosetyl, 522

Glufosinate, 651

Glyphosate, 405

Metaldehyde, 151-A

Metribuzin, 337

Nitrothal-isopropyl, 416

Oxamyl, 441

Phenmedipham, 233-B

Propachlor, 310

Propiconazole, 624

Sulphur, 184-B

Thiabendazole, 256-A

Thiabendazole, 256-B

Part 4: Multiple Pesticide Residue Analytical Methods (contd.)

Pesticides, Chemically Related Compounds and Metabolites Determinable by the Multiresidue Methods in Parts 4 to 6: Supplement to the Table of Compounds, pp. 221 ff, Vol. 1

S 8 Organohalogen, Organophosphorus and Triazine Compounds (updated)

S 19 Organochlorine, Organophosphorus, Nitrogen-Containing and Other Pesticides (updated)

S 22 Natural Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide

S 23 Pyrethroids

S 24 Organotin Compounds

S 25 Methyl Carbamate Insecticides

S 26 Phthalimides

Part 5: Multiple Pesticide Residue Analytical Methods for Water

W 4 Phenoxyalkanoic Acid Herbicides

W 5 Fungicides

W 6 Organochlorine Insecticides

W 7 Phenoxyalkanoic Acid Herbicides

W 8 Triazine Herbicides

W 13 Desalkyl Metabolites of Chlorotriazine Herbicides

Part 6: Pesticide Residue Analytical Methods for Water Using the AMD Technique

Thin-Layer Chromatographic Analysis of Pesticides and Metabolites Using the Automated Multiple Development (AMD) Technique

Examples for Applying the AMD Technique to the Determination of Pesticide Residues in Ground and Drinking Waters

Cumulative Indexes for Volumes 1 and 2

Index of Determinable Pesticides, Metabolites and Related Compounds (Index of Compounds)

Index of Analytical Materials

List of Suppliers Referenced in the Text-Matter of the Manual

Author Index