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Manual of Psychosocial Rehabilitation


Psychosocial Rehabilitation is a comprehensive ready- reference for mental health practitioners and students, providing practical advice on the full range of interventions for psychosocial rehabilitation. It contextualises the interventions described and provides pointers to enable the reader to explore the theory and research.

This manual recognises the wide-ranging impact of mental illness and its ramifications on daily life, and promotes a recovery model of psychosocial rehabilitation and aims to empower clinicians to engage their clients in tailored rehabilitation plans. The book is divided into five key sections.

Section 1 looks at assessment covering tools available in the public domain, instruments, scoring systems, norms and applications for diagnosis and measurement of symptoms, cognitive functioning, impairment and recovery.

Section 2 covers the full range of therapeutic interventions and offers advice on training and supervision requirements and evaluation of process, impact and outcome.

Section 3 provides manuals and programs for interventions effectively provided as group activities.

Section 4 explains how to design a full programme that integrates therapeutic interventions with group programmes as well as services provided by other agencies.

The final section looks at peer support and self help, providing manuals and resources that support programmes and interventions not requiring professional or practitioner direction.

Foreword by Gary R. Bond vii

1 Introduction 1
Robert King, Chris Lloyd, Tom Meehan, Frank P. Deane and David J. Kavanagh

Part I Assessment Tools 7

2 Assessment of Symptoms and Cognition 9
Tom Meehan and David J. Kavanagh

3 Assessment of Functioning and Disability 26
Tom Meehan and Chris Lloyd

4 Assessment of Recovery, Empowerment and Strengths 41
Tom Meehan and Frank P. Deane

5 Assessing Quality of Life and Perceptions of Care 53
Tom Meehan and William Brennan

Part II Therapeutic Skills and Interventions 65

6 Deciding on Life Changes: The Role of Motivational Interviewing 67
Robert King and David J. Kavanagh

7 Individual Recovery Planning: Aligning Values, Strengths and Goals 81
Trevor Crowe, Frank P. Deane and Lindsay Oades

8 Activation and Related Interventions 95
Robert King and David J. Kavanagh

9 Cognitive Remediation 110
Hamish J. McLeod and Robert King

10 Treatment Adherence 123
Mitchell K. Byrne and Frank P. Deane

Part III Reconnecting to the Community 135

11 Social Skills and Employment 137
Philip Lee Williams and Chris Lloyd

12 Healthy Lifestyles 152
Chris Lloyd and Hazel Bassett

13 Living Skills 169
Chris Lloyd and Hazel Bassett

Part IV Peer Support and Self-Help 183

14 Peer Support in a Mental Health Service Context 185
Lindsay Oades, Frank P. Deane and Julie Anderson

15 Supporting Families and Carers 194
Robert King and Trevor Crowe

16 Self-Help: Bibliotherapy and Internet Resources 208
Frank P. Deane and David J. Kavanagh

Part V Bringing It All Together 219

17 Reviewing and Clarifying an Individual Rehabilitation Programme 221
David J. Kavanagh and Robert King

18 Programme Evaluation and Benchmarking 229
Tom Meehan, Robert King and David J. Kavanagh

Index 240

"In summary an interesting, thought-provoking read, well worth having in the departmental library."  (Occupational Medicine, 30 May 2013)