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Marine Ecology

Marine Ecology

Edited By:Craig M. Young

Online ISSN: 1439-0485

Digital version available through Wiley Online Library

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Effective with the 2013 volume, this journal will be published in an online-only format. No printed issue of this title will be produced, but authors will still be able to order offprints of their articles. There will no longer be any charge for colour figures.

Marine Ecology publishes original contributions on the structure and dynamics of marine benthic and pelagic ecosystems, and on the critical links between ecology and evolution of marine organisms. The journal will prioritise contributions elucidating fundamental aspects of species' interaction and adaptation to the environment through integration of information from various organizational levels (molecules to ecosystems) and different disciplines (molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, marine biology, natural history, geography, oceanography, palaeontology and modelling) as viewed from an ecological perspective. The journal also focuses on population genetic processes, evolution of life histories, morphological traits and behaviour, historical ecology and biogeography, macro-ecology and seascape ecology, palaeoecological reconstruction and on ecological changes due to introduction of new biota, human pressure or climate change.

The Editors encourage theoretical and speculative contributions addressing the same issues in a section called 'Thinking Beyond the Data' (see below for details).