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Marine Mammal Biology: An Evolutionary Approach

Marine Mammal Biology: An Evolutionary Approach

A. Rus Hoelzel (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-31133-4 April 2009 Wiley-Blackwell 448 Pages




This book provides a general introduction to the biology of marine mammals, and an overview of the adaptations that have permitted mammals to succeed in the marine environment. Each chapter, written by experts in their field, will provide an up-to-date review and present the major discoveries and innovations in the field. Important technical advances such as satellite telemetry and time-depth-recorders will be described in boxes.


1. Diversity and Zoogeography.

A R Martin (British Antarctic Survey) and R R Reeves (ICUN/SSC CETACEAN - Quebec).


2. The Evolution of Marine Mammals.

J. Heyning (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles) and G M Lento (Auckland University).


3. Anatomy and Physiology: the Challenge of Aquatic Living.

T. M Williams (University of California, Santa Cruz) and G A J Worthy (Texas A&M University).


4. Neural Morphology.

I Glezer (City University of New York).


5. Sensory Systems.

G Dehnhardt (Universitat Bonn).


6. Vocal Anatomy, Acoustic Communication and Echolocation.

P L Tyack (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) and E H Miller (Memorial University of Newfoundland).


7. Patterns of Movement.

P Stevick (University of St Andrews), B J McConnell (University of St Andrews) and P Hammond (University of St Andrews).


8. Feeding Ecology.

W D Bowen (Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth), A J Read (Duke University) and J A Estes (University of California, Santa Cruz).


9. Energetics: Consequences for Fitness.

I L Boyd (British Antarctic Survey).


10. Life History and Reproductive Strategies.

D J Boness (Smithsonian Institution), P J Clapham (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) and S L Mesnick.


11. Population Genetic Structure.

A R Hoelzel (University of Durham), S D Goldsworthy and R C Fleischer.


12. Ecology of Group Living and Social Behaviour.

R C Connor (University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth).


13. Problem Solving and Memory.

R J Schusterman and D Kastak.


14. Conservation and Management.

R R Reeves (ICUN/SSC CETACEAN - Quebec) and P Reijnders (Institute for Forestry and Nature Research, Wageningen).


"This book represents an authoritative and up to date account of our understanding of the biology of marine mammals. Although it does include quite a bit of technical detail, the inclusion of simple chapter summaries and numerous explanatory boxes, ensure that it will be accessible to a range of readers from undergraduate biology students to professional marine mammal biologists. If I taught an undergraduate course in marine mammal biology, I would make it my recommended text. As a marine mammal biologist, I know that I will be reaching for it often over the next few years." Marine Mammal Science

"This is a very well illustrated text dealing with a fascinating groups of animals. Although it is an advanced text (the 'introductory' nature alluded to being best for those with some biological training) there is much to gained for the beginner. There is a wealth of detail which could be used in many educational contexts making this book more of a reference aid than straight textbook. It provides information on mammal biology helpful in discussions about broader ecological aspects which cannot easily be found elsewhere." TEGNews

"In 14 chapters, some 27 specialists have captured the essence of all asepcts of life forms - behavioural characteristics, ecology and conservation needs - of 121 species of marine mammals occupying three taxonomic orders... A must for college and universities that have storng biology, ecology, or marine biology programs, as well as for larger public libraries." CHOICE

"This book, intended for students of marine biology, ecology, or evolution, presents a broad spectrum of topics in remarkable detail." Northeastern Naturalist

"This book successfully surveys the whole of marine mammal biology. Previous attempts are dated or less sweeping and so I recommend that all marine mammalogists own or at least have access to this book." Trends in Ecology and Evolution

"I think Hoelzel has timed this quite nicely as there is definitely a demand for such a book, and there have been a number of scientific breakthroughs in the last 10-15 years that have revolutionised our understanding of this subject." Dr Rob Harcourt, Macquarie University, Australia

"This is an exciting proposal, describing a book that is long overdue. Hoelzel is an innovative and productive scientist with a flare for writing, and he is as well placed as any to steer a volume of this scope and complexity to a successful conclusion." Dr Tony Martin, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge

* experts in their field discuss the latest research in a Krebs and Davies approach to marine mammalogy
* Rus Hoelzel is an innovative scientist with a flare for writing