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Marken stark machen: Techniken der Markenführung

Marken stark machen: Techniken der Markenführung

Klaus Brandmeyer, Peter Pirck, Andreas Pogoda, Christian Prill

ISBN: 978-3-527-50330-8

Apr 2008

202 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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What are the principles that made Starbucks coffee shops a success? How was Kieser Training able to establish itself as a brand on the market? How did Alpecin develop from a granny product into today's bestseller? How can a provider generate a generally positive image, motivate people to buy and bond customers over the long term? This is the area of brand technology and the subject of this guide. It presents concrete, tried-and-tested criteria and techniques for developing and managing brands.
The authors explain how sending out the right signals can have the desired effect in consumers' minds such that they draw their own positive conclusions. This is how Ferrero works, for example, with Mon Chérie: With the shortage of the product due to seasonal availability (summer break), the customer believes that this is a particularly valuable and popular product.
By way of "Seven commandments for strong brands" the authors show how to exert the most influence on consumers and which services, arguments or designs work best. These commandments include: "Be different!" and "Make your brand a conversation piece!"
These principles are then applied to all relevant levels of brand management: Products and positioning, brand design, pricing, service, presence and communication. A further chapter is devoted to advertising with a particular emphasis on rhetoric and persuasive strategies, e.g. evidence and example.
Finally, the authors deal with the topic of market research and explain how to use the right method of analysis to exactly determine which brand elements contribute to consumer willingness and brand bonding.