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Market Microstructure in Emerging and Developed Markets: Price Discovery, Information Flows, and Transaction Costs



Market Microstructure in Emerging and Developed Markets: Price Discovery, Information Flows, and Transaction Costs

H. Kent Baker (Editor), Halil Kiymaz (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-27844-4 August 2013 544 Pages


A comprehensive guide to the dynamic area of finance known as market microstructure

Interest in market microstructure has grown dramatically in recent years due largely in part to the rapid transformation of the financial market environment by technology, regulation, and globalization. Looking at market transactions at the most granular level—and taking into account market structure, price discovery, information flows, transaction costs, and the trading process—market microstructure also forms the basis of high-frequency trading strategies that can help professional investors generate profits and/or execute optimal transactions.

Part of the Robert W. Kolb Series in Finance, Market Microstructure skillfully puts this discipline in perspective and examines how the working processes of markets impact transaction costs, prices, quotes, volume, and trading behavior. Along the way, it offers valuable insights on how specific features of the trading process like the existence of intermediaries or the environment in which trading takes place affect the price formation process.

  • Explore issues including market structure and design, transaction costs, information flows, and disclosure
  • Addresses market microstructure in emerging markets
  • Covers the legal and regulatory issues impacting this area of finance
  • Contains contributions from both experienced financial professionals and respected academics in this field

If you're looking to gain a firm understanding of market microstructure, this book is the best place to start.

Acknowledgments ix

PART I Introduction toMarket Microstructure 1

1 Market Microstructure: An Overview 3
H. Kent Baker and Halil Kiymaz

2 Microstructure of Equity Markets 17
Nazli Sila Alan, Recep Bildik, and Robert A. Schwartz

3 Microstructure of the Euro-Area Government Bond Market 39
Madhucchand Darbha and Alfonso Dufour

4 Microstructure Developments in DerivativeMarkets 59
James T. Moser

5 The Microstructure of CurrencyMarkets 79
Carol Osler and Xuhang Wang

6 The Architecture of Securities Market Supervision before and after the Crisis 99
Donato Masciandaro and Marc Quintyn

7 Financial Market Contagion 115
Thadavillil Jithendranathan

PART II Market Architecture and Design 135

8 Market Architecture: A Conceptual Framework and Real-World Systems 137
Massimiliano Marzo

9 Designing a Trading Market 159
Massimiliano Marzo

10 Current Issues in Market Design 177
Carole Comerton-Forde

11 Decimalization and Discreteness 199
Brittany Cole and Bonnie Van Ness

12 Dark Trading 213
Hans Degryse, Geoffrey Tombeur, Mark Van Achter, and Gunther Wuyts

PART III Price Formation and Price Discovery 231

13 Determinants of Trading Costs 233
Yu-Chuan Huang

14 Market Makers and Liquidity 253
Frank J. Sensenbrenner

15 Liquidity beyond the Inside Spread: The Price Impact of Trading 269
Paul J. Irvine

16 Price Discovery in International and Emerging Asset Markets 285
Yiuman Tse and Michael Williams

17 Holding Back Volatility: Circuit Breakers, Price Limits, and Trading Halts 303
David Abad and Roberto Pascual

PART IV Transaction Costs, Timing Costs, and Information Disclosure 325

18 Bid-Ask Spreads, Commissions, and Other Costs 327
Thanos Verousis

19 Pretrade and Posttrade Transparency 345
Stephen G. Sapp and Ingrid Lo

20 Empirical and Experimental Research on Transparency and Disclosure 365
Arie E. Gozluklu

PART V Microstructure Issues in Emerging Markets 385

21 StockMarket Efficiency and Market Microstructure in Emerging Markets 387
Parvez Ahmed

22 Liquidity and Crises in Asian Equity Markets 407
Charlie Charoenwong, David K. Ding, and Yung Chiang Yang

23 Trading Costs and Execution Strategies in Emerging Markets 425
Mark Humphery-Jenner and Eliza Wu

24 Intraday Price Behavior during Information Arrival in Emerging Markets 445
Jan Hanousek, Ev¡zen Ko¡cenda, and Jan Novotn´y

25 Market Microstructure in African Equity Markets 463
Sabur Mollah and Abul Hassan

Answers to Discussion Questions 483

Index 513