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Marketing Calculator: Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment



Marketing Calculator: Measuring and Managing Return on Marketing Investment

Guy R. Powell

ISBN: 978-1-118-50782-7 August 2012 320 Pages


This book uncovers the components of driving increased marketing effectiveness and can be applied to just about every industry and marketing challenge. It demystifies how marketers can significantly improve their measurement and management infrastructure in order to improve their return on marketing effectiveness and ROI. They will be able to significantly improve their tactical and strategic decision-making and finally be able to respond to John Wannamachers' "half of my advertising is wasted; I just don't know which half." With this in hand, they will be able to avoid the budget cutting ax, become a critical component of corporate success and enhance their careers.

Even in a crowded theoretical marketing environment there are three new concepts being introduced:

1. The Marketing Effectiveness Framework to help marketers talk the talk of marketing effectiveness within marketing and with the C-Suite.
2. The Marketing Effectiveness Continuum to help marketers understand the organizational issues and change management associated with delivering long lasting enhanced marketing effectiveness.
3. The Marketing Accountability Framework to help marketers begin to collect data that is meaningful to improving their marketing effectiveness and to become accountable for their results.

It is one of the only marketing books covering the topic at a global level. It includes a great number of specific case studies from North America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The cases cover the following industries: Telecommunications, consumer packaged goods, home repair services, travel, utilities, software, restaurants, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and others. It can also be used to support marketing education at the university level.

Whether the reader is a marketer, business analyst, C-level executive, this book will help them to understand the key issues surrounding the measurement of marketing effectiveness. More than that however, is how each of the concepts can be directly applied to their marketing environment. Each of the concepts are applied to the different types of businesses (business-to-business, OEM, consumer, NGO and others) so they can quickly make them actionable.


Section 1: What is Marketing Effectiveness?

Chapter 1. Introduction to Marketing Effectiveness.

Section 2: The Marketing-Effectiveness FrameworkTM.

Chapter 2. Strategy, Creative, and Execution: What You Do in The Marketplace.

Chapter 3. Planning Around What You Can't Control: The Competition, the Consumer, the Channel, and Exogenous Factors.

Chapter 4. The Consumer: The Most Important Component in Any Marketing-Oriented Framework

Chapter 5. A Framework for Capturing Marketing-Effectiveness Data: The Marketing-Accountability Framework.

Section 3: The Marketing-Effectiveness Continuum.

Chapter 6. Introducing the Marketing-Effectiveness Continuum.

Chapter 7. Activity Trackers.

Chapter 8. Campaign Measurers.

Chapter 9. Mix Modelers.

Chapter 10. Consumer Analyzers.

Chapter 11. Brand Optimizers.

Section 4: The Marketing-Effectiveness Culture.

Chapter 12. It's Time to Just Get Started!

Chapter 13. Conclusion: Put Marketing on the Critical Path to Success.


List of Figures and Tables.