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Marketing Grain and Livestock, 2nd Edition

Marketing Grain and Livestock, 2nd Edition

Gary F. Stasko

ISBN: 978-0-813-82957-9

Jul 2003, Wiley-Blackwell

273 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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Marketing is an essential part of any business and the business of agriculture is no exception to this rule. Written by an experienced educator with expertise in futures markets, hedging, and technical price analysis, Marketing Grain & Livestock, 2nd Edition teaches the basics of commodities marketing by farmers, ranchers, grain elevators, packers, and processors.

Building upon what made the first edition so appealing user-friendly, understandable writing Stasko writes for his audience in clear-cut concise vernacular. In his revamped second edition, he has included updated figures, charts, and diagrams to illustrate major points. Stasko’s book emphasizes thorough explanations and applications while providing practical examples in every chapter.

All new features of the second edition:

  • A new chapter devoted to electronic trading
  • Detailed explanation of the most commonly used cash contracts
  • Seasonal fluctuations of commodity prices
  • New statistics, charts, graphs, and tables illustrating main points
  • New “Questions and Problems” segments at the end of each chapter to help readers retain information
  • Information about revolutionary electronic marketing technologies

Marketing Grain & Livestock, 2nd Edition is aimed at agri-business and farm production students and their instructors. But experienced farmers, ranchers and agri-business professionals will find the book valuable as an introduction or refresher.

1) Introduction,.

2) The Mindset for Marketing,.

3) The Futures Market,.

4) Hedging,.

5) Options,.

6) Selecting a Brokerage Firm,.

7) Advanced Pricing Strategies,.

8) Cash Contracting,.

9) Electronic Marketing,.

10) Fundamental Price Analysis,.

11) Technical Price Analysis