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Marketing Research, 12th Edition

Marketing Research, 12th Edition

David A. Aaker, V. Kumar, Robert P. Leone, George S. Day

ISBN: 978-1-119-23608-5

Jan 2016

760 pages


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Marketing Research, 12th Edition
 prepares marketing students to make data driven business decisions. With a focus on market intelligence, strategy, theory and application, the authors introduce the latest developments in the field of marketing research and discuss their impact on marketing research applications—all in a macro-micro-macro framework to help students understand the big picture.

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Part I The Nature and Scope of Marketing Research

1 A Decision-Making Perspective on Marketing Intelligence 1

2 Marketing Research in Practice 29

3 The Marketing Research Process 45

4 Research Design and Implementation 68

Part II Data Collection

Section A: Secondary and Exploratory Research

5 Secondary Sources of Marketing Data 96

6 Standardized Sources of Marketing Data 121

7 Marketing Research on the Internet 146

8 Information Collection: Qualitative and Observational Methods 172

Section B: Descriptive Research

9 Information from Respondents:Issues in Data Collection 209

10 Information from Respondents:Survey Methods 226

11 Attitude Measurement 256

12 Designing the Questionnaire 285

Section C: Causal Research

13 Experimentation 314

Section D: Sampling

14 Sampling Fundamentals 345

15 Sample Size and Statistical Theory 373

Part III Data Analysis

16 Fundamentals of Data Analysis 397

17 Hypothesis Testing: Basic Concepts and Tests of Associations 417

18 Hypothesis Testing: Means and Proportions 436

Part IV Special Topics in Data Analysis

19 Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis 462

20 Discriminant, Factor, and Cluster Analysis 492

21 Multidimensional Scaling and Conjoint Analysis 534

22 Presenting the Results 557

Part V Applications of Marketing Intelligence

23 Marketing-Mix Measures 572

24 Brand and Customer Metrics 617

25 New Age Strategies 639

Appendix A 677

Glossary 703

Index 721

• Chapters have been significantly updated with newer and more recent business examples, and industry statistics

• Focuses on the current trends in marketing intelligence. Specific importance has been given to the concepts such as Customer Lifetime Value, Share of Wallet, Brand Equity, Mobile Marketing, and the increasing role of Social Media Marketing.

• Marketing Research in Action sections in various chapters have been updated to focus on the real world applications of Marketing Research.

• Emphasizes the importance and essence of marketing research to future managers and researchers by focusing on when marketing research can and should be used, what research alternatives exist, how to recognize effective and ineffective research, and how to interpret and apply the results. This prepares student for strategic decision making.

• Uses a unique macro-micro-macro organization. The authors introduce marketing research through a macro-level treatment of what it is and where it fits in an organization, then move to a micro-level and decision-oriented approach; and finally, end with a macro-level approach to the applications of marketing research.

• End of chapter and end of part cases cover a wide range of products and organizations. These cases stimulate interest, add realism to the marketing research curriculum, and help develop decision-making skills. These cases cover a wide range of products and organizations