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Marketing Research: The Second Pacific Rim Edition

Marketing Research: The Second Pacific Rim Edition

David A. Aaker, V. Kumar, George S. Day, Meredith Lawley, David W. Stewart

ISBN: 978-0-470-81070-5

May 2007

622 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Marketing Research: The Second Pacific Rim edition reflects contemporary developments and examples in Marketing Research. The text maintains the strengths of the original Aaker, Kumar and Day text, and is presented in an engaging and accessible style. A visual map evolves throughout the text, guiding students through the entire marketing research process step by step. 


The text retains a clear focus on marketing research as a tool for helping organisations achieve their goals, and uses the macro–micro approach of reviewing the entire research process before considering each component part in detail. The focus is on understanding and conducting market research as the basis for making sound business decisions. 

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Chapter 1 The Nature and Scope of Marketing Research

Part 1: Problem Definition
Chapter 2 Defining the Research Problem

Part 2: Research Design
Chapter 3 Introduction to Research Design

Part 2: Section A Secondary & Standardised Sources
Chapter 4 Secondary and Standardised Sources of Marketing Data

Part 2: Section B Exploratory & Qualitative Research
Chapter 5 Depth Interviews and Focus Groups
Chapter 6 Additional Qualitative Techniques

Part 2: Section C Descriptive Research
Chapter 7 Planning the Survey
Chapter 8 Measurement
Chapter 9 Questionnaire Design and Administration

Part 2: Section D Causal Research
Chapter 10 Experimentation

Part 3: Sampling
Chapter 11 Sampling Fundamentals
Chapter 12 Sample Size

Part 4: Data Analysis
Chapter 13 Fundamentals of Data Analysis
Chapter 14 Hypothesis Testing: Basic concepts and tests
Chapter 15 Correlation, Regression, and Factor Analysis

Part 5: Presenting the Results
Chapter 16 Presenting Research Results

  • Project workbook - to help students create their own market research project comprising a series of practical tips, checklists and worksheets
  • Practical industry profiles - examples from the Pacific Rim
  • Coverage of both qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • Variety of Pacific Rim cases, including 'Online Voting' and 'Coffee Connection' running cases.
  • To save students money, a value-packed version is also available with the following resources:
  • SPSS: Analysis without Anguish by Coakes
  • XSIGHT Student Version Software.