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Mass Spectra of Volatiles in Food (SpecData), 2nd Edition

Mass Spectra of Volatiles in Food (SpecData), 2nd Edition

Central Institute of Nutrition and Food Research

ISBN: 978-0-471-64825-3

Dec 2003

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The Volatile Compounds in Food collection includes 1,620 reference mass spectra and covers the whole range of volatile compounds in food. Apart from the large number of natural, nature-identical and artificial flavours and aromas, there are – among others – food additives and solvents, pesticides and veterinary pharmaceutical compounds, which are frequently found as residues. Derivatives of non-volatile compounds such as sugars or polyhydroxyphenols are also available.

A substantial number of the flavour and aroma compounds in this collection contain oxygen functional groups. The following are frequently present: alcohols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, acetals, ketals, acids and esters.

Additional information:

  • Chemical structure
  • Chemical name
  • Molecular formula
  • Molecular weight (Nominal mass)
  • Base peak
  • Reference
  • Measurement condition

Availability: Benchtop/SPC, Excalibur,Finnigan GCQ, Finnigan SSQ,Finnigan TSQ, Finnigan Ion-Trap, Finnigan INCOS,Fisons VG Masslab,Agilent Chemstation, AgilentJCAMP,Agilent MSD,MSP,NetCDF, NIST,Shimadzu QP-5000, Thermo Galactic SpectralID,Varian ITS