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Mass Transfer: From Fundamentals to Modern Industrial Applications

Mass Transfer: From Fundamentals to Modern Industrial Applications

Koichi Asano

ISBN: 978-3-527-31460-7

Oct 2006

290 pages

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This didactic approach to the principles and modeling of mass transfer as it is needed in modern industrial processes is unique in combining a step-by-step introduction to all important fundamentals with the most recent applications. Based upon the renowned author's successful new modeling method as used for the O-18 process, the exemplary exercises included in the text are fact-proven, taken directly from existing chemical plants.
Fascinating reading for chemists, graduate students, chemical and process engineers, as well as thermodynamics physicists.
Diffusion and Mass Transfer
Governing Equations of Mass Transfer
Mass Transfer in Laminar Boundary Layer along a Flat Plate
Heat and Mass Transfer in Laminar Flow inside a Circular Pipe
Motion, Heat and Mass Transfer of Particles
Mass Transfer of Drops and Bubbles
Turbulent Transport Phenomena
Evaporation and Condensation
Multi-Component Distillation
A. Governing Equations in Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinate
B. Phase Equilibria
C. Physical Properties
""This didactic approach is unique in combining as step-by-step introduction…"" (Metall, February 2008)