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Master Scheduling: A Practical Guide to Competitive Manufacturing, 2nd Edition



Master Scheduling: A Practical Guide to Competitive Manufacturing, 2nd Edition

John F. Proud

ISBN: 978-0-471-24322-9 August 1999 640 Pages

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Praise for the First Edition of MASTER SCHEDULING.

"Master scheduling, the complex integration of all managementplanning activities, is presented in John Proud s effective style.A tremendously broad undertaking, [this book] is sensitive to theneed of the practitioner to know how and the executive to knowwhy." Richard Pugliese, Executive (Retired) Monitor Labs Systech,Xerox Corporation

"The master scheduling techniques explained in this book form thebest approach for cost effectively replacing the communicationlinks that are often lost in the current environment of reducedpeople resources. Master Scheduling is the single best resource forthese business solutions." Michael L. Bales, consultant with OliverWight Americas; former vice president, manufacturing, G&WElectric

"Provides both education for the uninitiated and practicalreference material for the practitioner. It is a valuable resourcefor any enterprise." Tim Ewen, Vice President Supply ChainManagement, Applied Magnetics Corporation

"John Proud helps the reader to understand the application ofmaster scheduling principles and describes what works in greatdetail. Master Scheduling will become the text for any course onmaster scheduling and the standard resource for all manufacturingcompanies. . . ." Richard C. Ling, President Richard C. Ling,Inc.

In today s competitive, fast-paced world of manufacturing, everyaspect of a company s operation must be highly responsive to acustomer s needs. Master scheduling, when used in conjunction withEnterprise Resource Planning, is an essential planning tool thathelps manufacturing companies synchronize their production withactual market demand.

In this expanded and updated Second Edition of the definitive bookon the subject, John F. Proud shows companies how to create andmaintain valid and realistic master schedules. Anyone involved indesigning and maintaining a company s master schedule will find awealth of practical, proven advice in Master Scheduling. From salesand marketing to manufacturing, materials management, andengineering, Proud includes important advice for integrating allareas of a company within the framework of an effective masterschedule.

In every chapter of this edition, Proud introduces important newmaterial to ensure complete and up-to-date coverage of thisconstantly evolving field. Two entirely new chapters covering theprocess industry and manufacturing at multiple sites domesticallyand internationally have been added.

The new chapter covering the process industry identifies where themaster scheduling mechanics and management issues are similar tointermittent manufacturing, as well as different. The supplymanagement chapter deals with managing an enterprise s internalsupply chain. Numerous short case studies are also included toillustrate important topics.

Packed with helpful checklists, examples, and illustrations, MasterScheduling delivers easy-to-follow guidelines for implementing andmanaging a world- class master schedule. Proud shows managers howto avoid the most common problems while consistently maximizing theaccuracy and performance of the master schedule.
Chaos in Manufacturing.

Why Master Scheduling?

The Mechanics of Master Scheduling.

Managing with the Master Schedule.

Using the MPS Output in a Make-to-Stock Environment.

What to Master Schedule.

Scheduling in a Flow Environment.

Planning Bills.

Two-Level MPS and Other Advanced Techniques.

Using MPS Output in a Make-to-Order Environment.

Master Scheduling in Custom-Product Environments.

Finishing Schedules.

Sales and Operations Planning.

Rough Cut Capacity Planning.

Supply Management.

Demand Management.

Effective Implementation.

Order From Chaos.