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MasteringTM Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2005, Express Edition

MasteringTM Microsoft® Visual Basic® 2005, Express Edition

Evangelos Petroutsos, Acey Bunch

ISBN: 978-0-782-14398-0

Mar 2006

720 pages

Select type: Paperback

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The Express Ticket to Productivity with Visual Basic and .NET

Are you new to Visual Basic programming? Are you still using Visual Basic 6? Either way, Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition offers an inexpensive and easy way to take a big step forward. This book offers expert assistance that makes it even easier. Inside, two veteran Visual Basic developers show you how to do everything Express Edition makes possible--and even a few things, such as Office development, that go beyond its advertised abilities.

Coverage Includes
* Finding your way around the Visual Basic Express IDE
* Designing and building Windows forms using Windows controls
* Adding business logic to applications using the Visual Basic programming language
* Creating and using programming objects
* Using the new "My" object
* Manipulating files and folders
* Working with XML
* Automating Office applications such as Word and Excel
* Managing drawing and printing in an application
* Creating and using Console applications
* Using the Visual Database Tools to create database-driven applications
* Managing Internet-based operations in an application

Featured on the CD
The enclosed CD contains Visual Basic Express packaged, ready for you to install and use.

Establish a Solid Understanding of Windows Application Development and Object-Oriented Programming

Gain Practical Knowledge of the Visual Basic Programming Language

Use Windows Controls in Your Application, Work With Databases, and Connect to Internet Resources

Part 1: Getting Started with Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition.

Chapter 1: Welcome to Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition.

Chapter 2: Using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition.

Chapter 3: Introducing Windows Application Development.

Chapter 4: Building Windows Forms.

Part 2: Understanding the Visual Basic Language.

Chapter 5: Using the Visual Basic Programming Language.

Chapter 6: Using Subroutines, Functions, and Events.

Chapter 7: Controlling Program Flow.

Chapter 8: Using Arrays and Collections.

Chapter 9: Debugging and Handling Errors.

Part 3: Using Windows Controls.

Chapter 10: Using the Basic Windows Controls.

Chapter 11: Using the Text Controls.

Chapter 12: Using the Common Windows Dialogs.

Chapter 13: Using the TreeView and ListView Controls.

Chapter 14: Using Other Windows Controls.

Part 4: Understanding Object-Oriented Programming.

Chapter 15: Understanding Objects.

Chapter 16: Building Your Own Objects.

Chapter 17: Building Your Own Windows Controls.

Part 5: Common Programming Tasks.

Chapter 18: Using the My Object.

Chapter 19: Working with Folders and Files.

Chapter 20: Working with XML.

Chapter 21: Automating Office Applications.

Chapter 22: Using Images, Drawing, and Printing.

Chapter 23: Handling Characters and Strings.

Chapter 24: Using Console Applications.

Part 6: Programming Databases.

Chapter 25: Introduction to Databases.

Chapter 26: Using the Visual Database Tools.

Chapter 27: Using Data in Windows Forms.

Chapter 28: Programming with ADO.NET.

Chapter 29: Working with SQL Server Express.

Chapter 30: Interacting with the Internet.


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