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Mastering Linux, 2nd Edition

Mastering Linux, 2nd Edition

Arman Danesh, Michael Jang

ISBN: 978-0-782-15277-7

Feb 2006

992 pages

Select type: E-Book


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Join the Linux Revolution!

Newly revised and updated, Mastering Linux, Second Edition is the best all-in-one Linux resource available anywhere. Inside, you'll find everything you need to know to install, configure, use, and optimize this increasingly popular and respected operating system. You'll even find the operating system itself—the Publisher's Edition of Red Hat Linux 7, absolutely free on the enclosed CD!

Whatever you want to achieve with Linux, Mastering Linux makes it easy, providing the clear instruction and unique insights of a Linux expert who understands the needs of the non-Unix world.

Coverage includes:

  • Installing Linux
  • Configuring and using the GNOME and KDE graphical user interfaces
  • Configuring and using X-Windows v. 4
  • Using Linux commands
  • Managing files in Linux
  • Connecting to the Internet and e-mailing with Linux
  • Using Netscape 6 for Linux
  • Faxing from Linux
  • Using Linux on a LAN
  • Using Linux as part of a Windows network
  • Connecting and configuring USB peripherals
  • Creating a Linux Web server
  • Setting up and using a Linux mail server
  • Running DOS and Windows applications using Wine
  • Configuring your Linux system with LinuxConf
  • Re-compiling the Linux kernel

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.


Part I: Welcome to Linux.

Chapter 1: What Is Linux?.

Chapter 2: Choosing a Distribution.

Part II: Installing Linux.

Chapter 3: Getting Ready to Install Linux.

Chapter 4: Installing Linux.

Chapter 5: Special Installations.

Part III: Using Desktop Environments in Linux.

Chapter 6: An Overview of X Windows.

Chapter 7: Installing and Configuring X Windows.

Chapter 8: Using GNOME and X Windows.

Chapter 9: Using Applications with GNOME and X Windows.

Chapter 10: Advanced GNOME Configuration.

Chapter 11: Using KDE.

Chapter 12: Advanced X Windows Configuration.

Part IV: Mastering the Essentials.

Chapter 13: Introducing Linux Commands.

Chapter 14: Working with Files.

Chapter 15: Using LinuxConf and Other Tools for System Configuration.

Chapter 16: Understanding the Shell.

Chapter 17: General System Administration.

Chapter 18: Using Peripherals.

Chapter 19: Linux Multimedia.

Chapter 20: Recompiling the Linux Kernel.

Part V: Basic Connectivity.

Chapter 21: Understanding Linux Networking.

Chapter 22: Connecting Linux to the Internet.

Chapter 23: Using the World Wide Web.

Chapter 24: Reading E-Mail.

Chapter 25: Faxing from Linux.

Part VI: Using Linux in the Small Office/Home Office (SOHO).

Chapter 26: Where to Use Linux in the SOHO.

Chapter 27: Installing Linux for the SOHO.

Chapter 28: Configuring Linux for an Ethernet Network.

Chapter 29: Integrating Linux in Windows and Novell Networks.

Chapter 30: Linux and DOS/Windows.

Chapter 31: Security and Linux As an Inexpensive Router.

Part VII: Using Linux As a Web and E-Mail Server.

Chapter 32: Building Your Own Web Server.

Chapter 33: Linux As a Mail Server: The Power of Sendmail.


Appendix A: Linux around the World (Non-English Linux Distributions).

Appendix B: Sources of Linux Information.

Appendix C: Linux Command Reference.

Appendix D: GNUGeneral Public License.

Appendix E: Linux on Non-Intel Hardware.


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