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Mastering Alliance Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Management, and Organization



Mastering Alliance Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Management, and Organization

James D. Bamford, Benjamin Gomes-Casseres, Michael S. Robinson

ISBN: 978-0-787-96511-2 February 2003 Jossey-Bass 432 Pages


Successful business alliances today are critical to the competitive advantage of many companies. Mastering Alliance Strategy presents state-of-the-art thinking and practices for using partnerships effectively. This essential resource will help you understand and use alliances better, whether you are a new or seasoned alliance professional, a business-development specialist, a line manager, or a top executive. The authors argue that the secrets to success lie not solely in the intricacies of a deal but also in the strategy and organization behind the deal. They draw ideas and tools from years of research and reporting on four elements that are key to an effective alliance strategy:
* Designing the alliance and crafting the agreement
* Managing the alliance after it is launched
* Leveraging a constellation of alliances
* Building an internal alliance capability

Introduction: What Is Alliance Strategy?

Part One: Designing Alliances Setting Strategy.

1. Envisioning Collaboration (David Ernst).

2. Finding Joint Value (Charles Roussel).

3. Managing Risk.

4. Entering Emerging Markets (Ashwin Adarkar, Asif Adil, David Ernst, Paresh Vaish).

5. Putting Strategy Before Structure.

Building the Foundation.

6. Collaborating with Competitors.

7. Crafting the Agreement: Lawyers and Managers (David Ernst, Stephen I. Glover, James D. Bamford).

8. Negotiating the Deal.

Part Two: Managing Alliances Working Together.

9. Relationship Management (Jeff Weiss, Laura J. Visioni).

10. Governing Collaboration.

11. Making Joint Decisions (Francine G. Pillemer, Stephen G. Racioppo).

12. Managing Without Control (Gene Slowinski).

Leading the Relationship.

13. Alliance Staffing.

14. Roles of the Alliance Manager.

15. Life as an Alliance Manager.

Getting Out.

16. Why Joint Ventures Die (Bruce Kogut).

17. Graceful Exit.

Part Three: Competing in Constellations Managing Networks.

18. Constellation Strategy.

19. Constellation Governance.

20. Constellation Dynamics.

Veterans and Pioneers.

21. Reaching Every Pocket: Coca-Cola.

22. Network Effects: Visa International.

23. From Local to Global: Colliers International.

24. Leading Wagon Trains: Western Wisdom.

Part Four: Building an Alliance Capability.

Sustaining the Effort.

25. Growth of Alliance Capabilities (James D. Bamford, David Ernst).

26. Alliances Across the Corporation: Unisys.

27. Training for Collaboration.

Master Builders.

28. Grandmasters at the Extremes.

29. Order Out of Chaos: Lotus Development.

30. From Art to Science: FedEx.

31. An Army of Diplomats: Eli Lilly (Nelson M. Sims, Roger G. Harrison, Anton Gueth).

About the Authors.

"This is right on target." (Journal of Product Innovation Management; 1/1/2005)
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