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Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013

Mastering AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013

Louisa Holland, Kati Mercier

ISBN: 978-1-118-28175-8

Jul 2012

1104 pages

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A complete tutorial and reference for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2013

Autodesk's Civil 3D is the leading civil engineering software, and this reliable training guide has been thoroughly revised and updated to offer a fresh perspective on this powerful engineering package. Filled with illustrative examples, new datasets, and new tutorials, this book shows how elements of the dynamic engineering program work together and discusses the best methods for creating, editing, displaying, and labeling all of a civil engineering project's elements.

The book's straightforward explanations, real-world examples, and practical tutorials focus squarely on teaching vital Civil 3D tips, tricks, and techniques. The authors' extensive real-world experience and Civil 3D expertise allows them to focus on how the software is used in real-world professional environments and present topics and techniques that are not documented elsewhere.

  • Offers an overview of key concepts and the software's interface
  • Discusses the best methods for creating, editing, displaying, and labeling all of a civil engineering project's elements
  • Features in-depth, detailed coverage of surveying, points, alignments, surfaces, profiles, corridors, grading, LandXML and LDT Project Transfer, cross sections, pipe networks, visualization, sheets, and project management, as well as Vault and data shortcuts
  • Offers help for the Civil 3D Certified Associate and Certified Professional exams

This book is the only complete, detailed reference and tutorial for Autodesk's extremely popular and robust civil engineering software.

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Introduction xxi

Chapter 1 • The Basics 1

Chapter 2 • Survey 51

Chapter 3 • Points 91

Chapter 4 • Surfaces  123

Chapter 5 • Parcels  189

Chapter 6 • Alignments 237

Chapter 7 • Profiles and Profile Views 287

Chapter 8 • Assemblies and Subassemblies 351

Chapter 9 • Custom Subassemblies 393

Chapter 10 • Basic Corridors 433

Chapter 11 • Advanced Corridors, Intersections, and Roundabouts 477

Chapter 12 • Superelevation 547

Chapter 13 • Cross Sections and Mass Haul 569

Chapter 14 • Pipe Networks 597

Chapter 15 • Storm and Sanitary Analysis 685

Chapter 16 • Grading 741

Chapter 17 • Plan Production 785

Chapter 18 • Advanced Workflows 823

Chapter 19 • Quantity Takeoff 853

Chapter 20 • Label Styles 879

Chapter 21 • Object Styles 933

Appendix A • The Bottom Line 989

Chapter 1: The Basics  989

Chapter 2: Survey 991

Chapter 3: Points  993

Chapter 4: Surfaces 996

Chapter 5: Parcels 999

Chapter 6: Alignments  1002

Chapter 7: Profiles and Profile Views  1005

Chapter 8: Assemblies and Subassemblies  1008

Chapter 9: Custom Subassemblies 1009

Chapter 10: Basic Corridors  1013

Chapter 11: Advanced Corridors, Intersections, and Roundabouts 1015

Chapter 12: Superelevation 1017

Chapter 13: Cross Sections and Mass Haul  1019

Chapter 14: Pipe Networks 1021

Chapter 15: Storm and Sanitary Analysis 1023

Chapter 16: Grading 1025

Chapter 17: Plan Production 1028

Chapter 18: Advanced Workflows  1030

Chapter 19: Quantity Takeoff  1032

Chapter 20: Label Styles  1034

Chapter 21: Object Styles 1036

Appendix B • Autodesk Civil 3D 2013 Certification  1039

Index  1043

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Chapter 11_Metric Download
Chapter 01_Metric Download
Chapter 14_Metric_Part A Download
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Chapter 04_Imperial_Part C Download
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Chapter 07_Metric Download
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Chapter 10_Metric Download
Chapter 13_Metric Download
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Chapter 04_Imperial_Part A Download
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Chapter 15_Imperial Download
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Chapter 03_Metric Download
Chapter 05_Metric Download
Chapter 06_Metric Download
Chapter 01_Imperial Download
Chapter 14_Imperial_Part A Download
Chapter 21_Imperial Download
Chapter 03_Imperial Download
Chapter 08_Imperial Download
Chapter 08_Metric Download
Chapter 11_Imperial_Part A Download
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Chapter 18_Imperial Download
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