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Mastering AutoCAD VBA

Mastering AutoCAD VBA

Marion Cottingham

ISBN: 978-0-782-12871-0

May 2001

668 pages

Select type: Paperback

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VBA is the Key to Automating Your Work and Reusability in AutoCAD...

...and Mastering AutoCAD VBA unlocks the secrets to VBA programming, teaching you everything you need to know to write macros, customize your interface, and even develop independent applications that will speed your work and enhance your results. Written specifically for AutoCAD users, this book is filled with detailed examples that often walk you through the manual approaches to tasks, then show you—step by step—the VBA techniques that can get you there faster. Coverage includes:

  • Creating, debugging, and editing code using the Visual Basic Editor
  • Using variables and constants to store information
  • Writing code using AutoCAD object properties, methods, and event procedures
  • Repeating sections of code and designing code to be run conditionally
  • Creating drawings from macros
  • Automating tasks with templates and VBA macros
  • Developing Windows applications to interface with AutoCAD
  • Adding new menu commands to your AutoCAD environment
  • Setting grid and snap spacing from a macro
  • Combining primitive solids using union, intersection, and subtraction
  • Creating solids using extrusion and revolution
  • Performing hidden-line removal and rendering
  • Creating ActiveX controls for exchanging data with other applications
  • Using AutoCAD 2000i's Internet features to upload/download web files
  • Readying drawings for the Internet using the "Publish to Web" wizard
  • Using hyperlinks in drawings that lead to local or Web

Part 1: VBA Macros and the Visual Basic Editor.

Chapter 1: Developing a Simple VBA Application.

Chapter 2: Creating VBA Macros.

Chapter 3: Quick Tour of the IDE.

Chapter 4: VBA Programming Concepts.

Part 2: Drawing Lines and Solid Areas Using VBA Macros.

Chapter 5: The AutoCAD Object Model.

Chapter 6: Macro-izing Line Drawing.

Chapter 7: Macro-izing Solid Areas.

Part 3: Reusability and Customization.

Chapter 8: Templates and Reusability.

Chapter 9: Creating Drawings with Text.

Chapter 10: Debugging Your Code. Chapter 11: Dimensioning Drawings from YourOwn Menus and Toolbars.

Chapter 12: File Input and Output.

Part 4: 2D Drawing Techniques.

Chapter 13: Working with 2D Drawing Techniques.

Chapter 14: Grouping Objects.

Part 5: 3D Drawing Techniques.

Chapter 15: Creating and Drawing 3D Solids.

Chapter 16: ActiveX Controls.

Chapter 17: AutoCAD and the Internet.

Appendix A: Object Models.

Appendix B: ASCII Character Set.


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