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Mastering Autodesk 3ds Max 2013

Mastering Autodesk 3ds Max 2013

Jeffrey Harper

ISBN: 978-1-118-22567-7

Aug 2012

1008 pages



Get professional training in 3ds Max from this Autodesk Official Training Guide

Extremely popular with video game designers as well as architects, 3ds Max offers integrated 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing tools designed to streamline production. If you already have a working knowledge of 3ds Max basics, this official guide will take your skills to the next level. Detailed tutorials cover all the latest features of 3ds Max. From modeling, texturing, animation, and architectural visualization to high-level techniques for film, television, games, and more, this book provides professional-level instruction on 3ds Max.

  • Those who are proficient in 3ds Max basics can take their 3D animation skills to the next level with this Autodesk Official Training Guide
  • Offers industry-level training, with diverse tutorials that showcase techniques used in actual animations for games, film, TV, and architectural visualization
  • Covers modeling, texturing, animation, visual effects, and high-level techniques as well as all the latest features of 3ds Max
  • Also recommended as a preparation guide to Autodesk's 3ds Max Associate and Professional exams

Mastering Autodesk 3ds Max will help intermediate to advanced 3ds Max users develop and sharpen their skills in this popular animation and effects software.

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Introduction xxi

Chapter 1: Getting to Know Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 1

Chapter 2: Introducing Objects 67

Chapter 3: Creating Shapes with Splines 117

Chapter 4: Editing Meshes and Creating Complex Objects 183

Chapter 5: Working with External Design Data 281

Chapter 6: Organizing and Editing Objects 349

Chapter 7: Light and Shadow 401

Chapter 8: Enhancing Models with Materials 455

Chapter 9: Using the Camera 545

Chapter 10: Organizing Objects and Scene Management 593

Chapter 11: Understanding Animation 633

Chapter 12: Creating Animations, Particles, and Dynamics 683

Chapter 13: Rigging for Animation 737

Chapter 14: Advanced Rendering Using mental ray 789

Chapter 15: Finishing It Off: Atmosphere, Effects, and Compositing 843

Appendix A: The Bottom Line 891

Appendix B: Autodesk 3ds Max Certification 949

Index 953

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Chapter 15 Download
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